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Do you have an opinion on "America's Next Top Model" casting models 5'7" and under this season?

Asked by Facade (22932points) March 28th, 2009

I think it’s great.

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Hum… how many actual “top models” are under 5’7”?
I’m not questioning if the industry’s standard of beauty should be changed

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none that I know of. Probably because of the standards.

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I believe that even though tyra is trying to do something nice. The girls who make it to the finals usually go into modeling even though they aren’t the “top”. I think the 5 ‘7 girls aren’t going to have that chance

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@berocky1 Agreed. The past winners and finalists of ANTM haven’t exactly gone on to make a huge splash in the modeling world, for the most part. She’s essentially ensuring the winner from this season will have an even harder time finding a place in the modeling world. Sure, it’s nice to Tyra to give shorter girls a little break in the industry, but I highly doubt any of them will have much of a career. But maybe they will. Who knows.

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It’s just like the girl with the burns this season – it’s going to be incredibly hard for them to get work and get booked after the show is over. It’s a nice sentiment, but the standards in the modeling and fashion world aren’t going to change because tyra had a whim.

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It’s hard enough being a minority or a plus-sized model. When you start having people who don’t meet the industry stadards, you’re just setting them up for failure. Tyra isn’t in a position to revolutionize the modeling business, so I don’t think she’s helping out anyone.

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There is one famous model who is 5’ 7”: Kate Moss. But she is so slender and long-legged for her height that in print it doesn’t make much difference. It’s her proportions that were ideal.

And even for the girls who win this show, they don’t get the top print or runway bookings. I think maybe one girl who won a few years ago got in the all-black model issue of Italian Vogue last July. Frankly, the winners are lucky if they get catalog. Or Redbook.

These girls aren’t even getting glamour jobs like Victoria’s Secret or SI swimsuit or the lad mags. After all these years, if no one’s figured it out that winning ANTM is a sucker’s prize, then I wouldn’t know what to tell them.

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Like other people have already mentioned it is probably only going to get the contestants hopes up. The last time I checked the REAL fashion industry is not changing it’s standards and, regardless of who wins ANTM will still mostly be using taller girls (Kate Moss being the exception!). Having said that, the fashion world doesn’t really respect ANTM and if the girls who go on the show are just looking for a bit of fame (as is the case with most reality TV stars) regardless of whether they get any decent modelling work then ANTM is fine for them.

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Some of the ANTM girls have gone on to work both in fashion and commercial jobs, but they haven’t done much of note. A few of them work, but definitely aren’t “on top.” Girls under 5’7 won’t even get the chance to work.

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