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Vampires can only enter if you invite them in, Does a welcome mat count as inviting them in?

Asked by Kelly27 (1501points) March 28th, 2009

Weird thoughts I have while driving, but I was thinking that if someone has a mat at their front door that says welcome that just might possibly count as an invitation to enter, right? ;)

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I think I saw a film or maybe something on TV that featured that exact scenario. The vampire was able to enter the house because they had a welcome sign or mat outside.

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@whackyrusty Hmmmmm…........I might have to reconsider getting that welcome mat. ;)

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@Kelly27 You could still get one.

Just make sure it has fine print excluding blood-sucking fiends of the night!

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@whackyrusty I think I like you! You read the topics, which I love to use to add a little humor. (You might notice that with a lot of us newcomers, you never know what you will find in our topics)

Do you think my guests might think me a little strange if I add some fine print to my welcome mat? ;)

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@Kelly27 I’m sure your guests will realise that it’s a sensible precaution and follow suit. Maybe you could make your own and start selling them too. Try not to draw too much attention however, you don’t want the head vampire on your case…

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I think they need a verbal invite, but in case I’m wrong I’m glad my “welcome” mat has a skull and crossbones and says keep out.
I’m not joking

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I know this dosen’t necessacarily apply but I just saw a really awesome vampire movie called “Let the Right One In” the reason I am metioning it is because in the movie the vampire says “you have to invite me in.” I don’t want to give to much away but there is a seen where someone asks “What happens if I don’t invite you in?”
It is a foreign film. You can watch it dubbed or with subtitles but what ever you do if you like Vampire movies and stories rent it! It was really, really, good!

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I think that a welcome mat means “welcome to our house” not “come inside our house.”

(although if you have vampires in the area you should keep stakes, crosses, holy water, garlic, etc. handy)

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@Adina1968 Is that a newer movie? I haven’t heard of it, but I will definitely check it out. I like a good vampire now and again. :)

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@phoenyx No worries I have my “just in case” vampire kit right next to my zombie one. :)

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I’m sure that a welcome mat counts. Are you looking to go vampire? what do you hope your powers will be? Try hanging a bag of blood over your door. That might help.

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My welcome mat has garlic mixed into the material. Does the repelling nature of garlic to vampires counteract the invitation for them to come into my house?

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If you put a horseshoe over your front door, would that help keep bloodsuckers out?

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I should imagine that if vampires are a real concern in your neighborhood you could easily opt for a mat that says nothing, or that says something cute but not necessarily inviting anyone inside the house.

Some examples I have seen:

“Hi. I’m Mat.”

“Cat is nuts.”

“Our vet drives a Porsche. See dog for details.”

“Come back with a warrant.”

“We love our vacuum, we’ve found God, and we gave at the office. Thanks.”

“WOW! Nice underwear.”

Or simply:

“go away!”

You can find these non-welcoming welcome mats and more at

That should solve your problem.

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I think maybe vampires are metaphorical. Maybe. IF SO,

then they are a metaphor for people who are good at stealing your energy, weaseling themselves into your attention sphere and then sapping your goodwill till you want them dead.

Putting out energetic welcome mats is a good way to give such people an excuse to
charge right in and bore you till you die.

Don’t do it.

Get a plain one.

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@susanc What are you talking about?
Someone brought it to my attention that some may think this question had some other meaning.
Seriously, WTH?

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I’m getting a plain one like @susanc

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@Kelly27…I played my double-meaning question off as legitimate one as well.

did a way better job of covering it as well

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any chance this was just a poorly timed but innocent question and kelly is getting lumped in with other people without deserving it?

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@Likeradar…There is a very good chance of that.

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Mine says “Wipe Your Paws.” Just in case werewolves show up.

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@Blondesjon To be honest the reactions I am getting from this question are showing me that people are just looking for a reason to be pissed and looking for a reason to be rude.
I have absolutely no hidden agenda with this question and no need to cover for anything. Take from this what you want but I think you and others are just looking for things that are not there.

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@Knotmyday Damn, I hadn’t even thought of werewolves. :)

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not if the WELCOME mat is made of garlic.

then they will just be confused.

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@Everyone It really was just a harmless question. Nothing more than a random thought. Please don’t think otherwise. I am sitting here on the webcam with Kelly27 and I can promise you that we want nothing more than to be a part of your community. No nefarious shit here.

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I answered this Q without considering it could of meant something else. Either I’m not too smart or…. uh…. something.
I’m sooo tired of the fighting. I really enjoy this place, if I didn’t I wouldn’t stay.

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What if it reads Welcome Friends? Does the implied welcome supersede whether or not the vampire is a “friend”? What if the vampire was once a real friend of the mat owner? Does this mean that the word “friend” on the mat means they don’t even have to knock?

i kneed a new mat or a neighborhood with less vampires

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@elijahsuicide It didn’t mean anything else and I am glad you didn’t take it as such. I was actually trying to be humorous and I think it failed. :\

YOu really have a skull and cross bones welcome mat? ;)

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@Blondesjon In that case I would think that if the vampire was a friend or past friend that would count as inviting, no? Of course that depends on if the welcome mat actually counts as an invite or if it needs to be a verbal invite.

I don’t think Vampires ever knock, that would kill the mystique I would think

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@Kelly27 Yep I really have it. Bought it for Halloween one year, never put it away. I’m surprised it hasn’t fallen apart yet.

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@Kelly27…Does it also depend on who actually purchased the mat? Is it whoever laid it down in front of the door? We need the services of a vampire lawyer. Help, anyone?

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@Blondesjon No! Don’t get a lawyer! That’s inviting a vampire in!
It’s part of the evil plan.

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@elijahsuicide LOL Great answer, definitely. :D

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TOTALLY off topic. I have this door mat I have for my cat to scratch on that reads: THIS IS NOT A JOKE bring me 5 pounds of fresh tuna if you ever want to see these people alive again….the cat

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I’ll go ask…..~

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get the doormat to invite friends in, but hang garlic over the door to keep the fiends out.

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@tiffyandthewallsome of my best friends are fiends

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@Kelly27: Vampires scare me a lot, so I’ve
worked out a way to make them not-real, which is to call them “metaphorical”. Are you actually offended…? Wow.

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@susanc Umm….....what? Would you care to elaborate on what you are talking about?

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why not get a mat that says welcome everyone but me myself and I. Then theirs no reason to worry? execpt you will be known as the creepy hermit.

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