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What do you need more of in your home?

Asked by Drawkward (857points) March 28th, 2009

It’s open-ended on purpose, a holdover from a past life.

I need more space.

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I need more closet space.

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Whatever the opposite of “clutter” is. Empty space, perhaps.

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I need more help. Actually staff would be nice.

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@Dog Are you hiring?! :D

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Cleanliness, plus an opening to an alternate universe that would cheerfully accept my clutter.

I could also use a good maintenance staff. The house is just old enough that all the little things are starting to break.

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1500 sq footage

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Money maybe

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I need a bigger safe to hide all the money that I made from illicit means.

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more space for books and a room where I can be private.

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well crafted wood and beautiful plant life

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I was going to say “yard,” but if it’s in my house, perhaps a sun room. Either way, I want to garden in it.

Also, storage. And efficient appliances, so it costs less and uses less energy to heat and cool all that space.

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A bigger terrace.

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Maid Service!

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More cowbell.

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More kitchen and more bathroom. Very old house.

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Bathrooms. There are five of us and we currently have only one.

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to look at how great i am.

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More space. When we moved back in this house, we added a dining room, new living room, half bath, & a huge attached double car garage. We could still use more room.

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I don’t want to be corny and say Jeanna, but there it is.

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dough, cash, scratch, green, cabbage, Franklins

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Closets, storage space in the basement, another bathroom, another bedroom…lol

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When my daughter lived with me, it was a constant playground. I had her best friend Mike with his sister Mary-Lou (I still get these two regularly), Emine from across the street when her dad was working, the two little girls from the corner bookshop when they didn’t have school, my niece (who is sick this week) and even Vasilissa, whose mother is usually just shopping around and doesn’t notice that she’s escaped her pram and come to play.

I know some people would be driven crazy, but I loved it. I’m picking up Mike in a sec. We have a Playstation score to settle.

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Definitely, more space. A walk-in closet or two would help!

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Privacy. Living with my mom, step-dad, and younger step-brother prevents my walking around in my underwear…

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A woman’s touch.

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I need raised floors! We are on a slab but have had many spinal fusions due to a car collision on the freeway.

I visited my folks who live in a mobile home with a raised foundation and noticed that my legs and low back didn’t hurt near so much.

We have good padding and thick carpet but still the floor has NO give.
Wish there was a way to add a layer of raised wood flooring without it costing and arm & a leg and then some!

UGH – any suggestions????

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