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Do you think we will find extra terrestrials first, or will they find us?

Asked by chucklmiller (386points) March 28th, 2009

I mean, I know they exist. The universe is far too vast for us to be alone. The question is, under what circumstances will we first have contact with them?

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Most likely they do not have the capability to find us.

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Most likely they have found us but had the good sense to turn around and run before we noticed they were there.

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They’ve already found us. Some of their late model flying saucers can be found at Area 51 along with a few of their undesirables from their home planet that they left behind.

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They were already here. They marooned their undesirables here as punishment. You’ve probably seen them, they are collectively known as Republicans. :-)

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There’s something hilarious about the parallel between redneck ufo sightings and the scholarly musings of our best and brightest.

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I’m with @Blondesjon & @evelyns_pet_zebra LOL
Seriously I think it would or already has been them. And if it was us then it probably already happened and we just haven’t been told about it yet. Interesting web link: BlackVault He has obtained lots of government documents that talk about UFOs etc.. using the freedom of information act. Some of them are seriously blacked out stating that information is too confidential even for the Freedom of Information Act.

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I don’t know. There is no basis for the probability of either.

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Have they not already found us ?
Area 51 was not made for no reason you know.

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We will find them. First of all it’s probably really simple kinds of life, and if you look at the timeline of existence, we have lived fora very short time. For other life forms to hit the small earth at the right time isn’t going to happen. However if we find life forms that have been for a long long time then we have a pretty “good” shot at hitting them. It’s like getting to needles to hit each other, it’s much easier if the needle was a big bolt.

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Well, chances are, they will find us. Think about it – there is only one (civilization) of us, while there could be many different ETs. They collectively can search the Universe better than we can on our own.

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@bkudriayou do know that statistically, probability only works 4 out of 5 times, right?

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We will find them. We need a SETI 2.0 approach using gravitational lensing.

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@mattbrowne: What exactly is gravitational lensing?

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It’s works like a magnifying glass. A gravitational lens is formed when the light from a very distant, bright source is “bent” around a massive object – such as a cluster of galaxies – between the source object and the observer. The process is known as gravitational lensing, and is one of the predictions of Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

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what are you and where you are… is what i been asking myself and many others too ! the human terminology was designed to see the you as a human rather then other… got it… so who are you. CHEERS!

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They found us long ago… And I was also going to say Alamo, NV (Area 51). Check out this website

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Neither: We are alone.

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They’ll pick up our radio transmissions well before we find theirs. Unfortunately it will be a rerun of Maury’s Who da baby daddy, and they’ll decide it’s not worth talking to us.

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Similar to the “we are alone” concept is that perhaps we aren’t forever alone.. but maybe we’re the first! Maybe it will be another few billion earth years before another form of life shows up in the universe.

Imagine all the aliens in star trek.. the really really old civilizations.. maybe we’re them only.. still super young.

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We are to busy fighting each other to find them. If they have not found us yet, they will. As of yet, we do not have the technology for that kind of space travel. You all need to watch the original “The Day The Earth Stood Still” It is one of my favorites. My son and I have seen both. My son informed me the new one was “Very Unsatisfying” The old one was way better.

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who knows….
But i’m interested in all this stuff, and if there are ‘sightings of UFO’s’ then i’ll say they have found us…

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They “found” us eons ago. The distance is nothing to them.

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