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Any Christmas Ornaments Crafts Ideas?

Asked by Jill_E (885points) November 14th, 2007

Any ideas will be great.

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This year my kids and I are making cotton boll ornaments. We actually grew the cotton over the summer and are getting the supplies together to build them this weekend. It’s pretty simple, just a red/green/gold bow on the top with a hanging loop of ribbon.

Last year we made little christmas mice out of craft poms. I’ll see if I can get you an image somehow to look at. They are really fun.

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I bought this silly kit at michael’s last year where you use a gumdrop (they sold fake ones with the set but i guess you could just use real ones), then you use small pieces of brown pipecleaners to make antlers, put on some googley eyes, and a red nose, and you have a little reindeer. You can also glue a loop of thread on the back to make it an ornament. it’s a really simple idea, but they turned out pretty cute!

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That reminds me. We do this thing each year for Thanksgiving dinner. It’s a candy turkey. The body is a large Marshmallow, head and feet are gumdrops, tail feathers are candy corns and all put together with toothpicks.

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You can also make cute reindeer ornaments with mini candy canes. It sounds like EmilyNathon’s suggestion, just not in a convenient kit, but the same idea – googly eyes, pipe cleaner antlers, a bow on the “neck”... Alternately, cutting out paper snowflakes is always fun, and they can be quite festive with some extra glitter or sequins glued on, or when made with fancier paper. Also, you can make sleds out of popsicle sticks that will then be painted – even colored with markers.
Also, this site compiles a lot of ideas: link
Happy crafting and happy holidays!

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you can also make reindeer with clothes pins. not the kind with the spring, the kind that’s one piece of wood. you can glue two together, one with prongs up and one with prongs down (in other words, one for antlers and one for legs). then take googly eyes and glue them on and a little red pom pom for the nose, and white pom pom or piece of cotton for the tail in back. you can magic marker on hooves or leave that natural. put some gold threat between antlers and you have an ornament. quick and cheap. great project for kids.

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