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Do you know of any good books about the Salem witch trials?

Asked by IBERnineD (7319points) March 29th, 2009

I tend to get fixated on certain topics, this month, the Salem witch hunt. Just wondering if any of my fellow Fluther-ers knew of any good books on the subject!

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller (who actually got married to Marilyn Monroe in my school it was a synagogue before it became a school).

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The Crucible

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List, and there is always The Crucible!

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Beat me to it^

The Crucible

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go us

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once again i am going to have to go with THE CRUCIBLE

we read it in school but it actually didnt suck.

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hahah I probably should have mentioned that I have read The Crucible! And I agree very good! :)

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@exitnirvana just wanted to remind you that you should be writing a paper! ;)

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@IBERnineD, you caught me.

But did you know that Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Great grandfather presided over the witch trials in 1692? Definitely more exciting…haha.

..ok, back to the paper. :P

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@IBERnineD, Google Books, which I always forget about as a independent search tool, has an interesting collection of books on the Salem witch trials. Sometimes, if the book is out of copyright, the whole book is out there. The other source that can be really interesting is to look in JSTOR, which should be accessible with a library card. You can often find all sorts of wonderful, obscure materials, such as theses, and historical journal articles. I do a lot of genealogical research on one particular family (not my own) and have found all sorts of gems of information in both places.

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This isn’t about the trials exactly but it will interest you nonetheless: Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks. Also if you’re into historical fiction, I highly recommend Tracy Chevalier, who’s best know for Girl With a Pearl Earring. Anything she does is a great read.

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