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Why do people turn the car stereo down when they are looking for house numbers?

Asked by LuvBubble (140points) March 29th, 2009

I don’t understand it, but whenever my girlfriend is looking for a specific address, she turns the stereo down. Why is that?

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To eliminate distractions in the environment to better focus on the task at hand.

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I also do it when I get lost and am trying to find my way. I think it is just something we do so we can focus our concentration more easily.

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To listen for the house to address them!?

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If others are in the car, then the driver would be able to better hear those in the car with them to say something…

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others can include schizophrenia

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Because they realize they can’t give the music the attention it deserves right now.

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The others are correct in that turning down the volume is sort of like channeling energy to the eyes from the ears. Also, I find myself turning down the stereo whenever I might be rolling down the windows (easier to see house numbers, street signs, and so on) in order not to disturb the neighborhood.

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