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In what language did the serpent speak to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden?

Asked by Zer0 (71points) March 29th, 2009

How did they understand it?

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Him speak with forked tongue.

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Draconic ;)

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The official answer is “Adamic,” which is the language that was spoken until the Tower of Babel was built and God rewarded that bit of folly by giving people different languages.

(Oh, and if you’ll accept the literal truth of God making Adam from clay and Eve from one of Adam’s ribs, you should have no problem accepting that God made them both so that they could understand Adamic.)

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heh, speaking in Tongues :)

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Actually according to the bible there was one universal world language until the tower of Babylon.

I give lurve to “Adamic”

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because thats why snakes speak in Harry Potter…
and Harry Potter is the truth

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Ssssssign language?

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I thought it was hebrew! Listen my fellow Hebrews and shebrews!

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Other similar answers here, assuming the serpent spoke to them in a language they could understand. And that they existed.

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My guess is Akkadian, since much of the Hebrews’ mythology was co-opted from earlier Babylonian myths anyway.

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I imagine it being more of a telepathic means of communication. Not that I believe the story actually happened…

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@question and the whole discussion

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I’m seconding telepathy, since I keep hearing that humans were capable of doing it before language (and words and symbols) became an issue (supposedly there’s still a tribe in Africa that communicate that way for when their hunters go out.) Snakes can’t make too many vocalizations anyway, and that’s how paranormal beings (the devil?) do it in accounts all the time.

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