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Why don't creationists deny medical science like they do biology, geology, and physics?

Asked by Zer0 (71points) March 29th, 2009
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cause when cancer knocks on your door the saddled dinos all in a sudden are not that convincing anymore ;)

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self preservation goes a long way towards blurring the lines of faith for most people…

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I’m not sure they do; do they??

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I think this ties into peoples Personal Beliefs. Tangent J gave a great response that I believe is the correct answer.

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While I am no expert I do not believe that all creationists deny biology, geology or physics.
I would like to see a reference or example.

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Actually, some of them do, which is why some folks refuse to accept blood transfusions and others get in trouble for letting a child die from something treatable like diabetes.

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Because they are intellectually dishonest with themselves, or simply uneducated.

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Belief or disbelief in medical science isn’t limited to Creationists.

Some people refuse to vaccinate their child because there is a slight risk of developing Autism.

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Yes, young-earth creationists do deny the implications of medical science, along with biology, geology and physics. As an example from each field:

Medical science- If evolution is false, and humans are a special creation, there is absolutely no logical reason that studying rats should teach us about people, or that monkeys would be more like us than rats, and chimps more like us than monkeys. Yet (ethical issues aside) animal research does teach us about people.

Biology- Every piece of evidence we have available to us points to common descent. Yet creationists deny it happened,

Geology- There is absolutely zero evidence that the Earth is 6000 years old. Yet creationists still maintain that it is.

Physics- Creationists deny the Big Bang theory, which is supported by modern astrophysics.

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I think it’s important to point out that both medical science and the courts of law have debunked the myth than vaccines cause autism- but that would be a subject for another thread!

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@crisw – yeah, i should have said that I thought that was bunk to deny medical attention for your children. But that doesn’t mean that people will be able to get over their misconceptions even in the face of evidence to the contrary.

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Because medical science isn’t full of shit like other sciences? I guess that could be a thought.

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I think that, deep down, creationists know that they are full of shit, otherwise, they’d just pray for the disease to go away.

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