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What is the purpose of Twitter?

Asked by aviona (3240points) March 29th, 2009

Maybe this is a dumb question, like “What’s the point of Fluther.” But really, could someone just explain Twitter to mean in plain English? I know there are a lot of Flutherites who also use Twitter.
It just seems almost too simple…

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It’s like mass text messaging a bunch of your friends all at once without the obligation that comes with personal texting. Plus you can throw in some people you don’t really know, personally, just for fun. I follow John Mayer and Rainn Wilson because they’re hilarious.

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I think Twitter is for those who have no concept of TMI (too much information). ;)

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It’s weird. I don’t know if I really like twitter, but I follow a lot of people/places that have good links about what I’m interested in (art, especially, but also science, news, long-lost friends) and have been able to get and pass on a lot of info from twitter that I wouldn’t otherwise have access to unless I spent long hours on search engines. It’s nice that you can follow who you’re interested in and unfollow those who drive you crazy (the mass marketers)—so you can create a twitter feed that’s pretty decent. I see a lot of people use it for more professional type of sharing than personal.

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@xenializ: yeah I originally heard about it through my now exboyfriend who is really into graphic design, mostly web. So he used it to get in contact with/follow other/better designers.
And I guess eventually to promote his own work.

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I opened an account in case I thought there was something of value there. Then I realized I did not want other people knowing I was Fluthering.
So there it sits with nary a tweet sent.

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Hell if I know. I used it like once and posted the dumbest things that I was doing.

Twitter: I just got up
Twitter: I just farted, whoops!

It’s the dumbest site I ever saw on the whole internet.

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Honestly I think it would just turn into another tool to stalk my ex at this point. I won’t get one right now.
thanks guys!

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here’s a youtube video that explains it very well!!

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@jenna: that’s hilarious!

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@jenna awesome indeed, love it!

I use it to coordinate games on the xbox with friends who aren’t on xbox at the time, or to kill time at work on my breaks. And as a private chat client. wooo. I also follow people in my industry in the area I’m going to move to so I’m up to date with what’s going on up there.

I think there are a lot of people who use it to flex their exhibitionism muscles and to gain a sense of importance in the mundane (guilty), but I think many users also take advantage of it as a medium to connect. I originally signed up because some of the communities I visit have used it in the past to connect at expos, conventions, concerts, festivals, and other large-venue areas where large groups of people can coordinate with one another via mass txts.

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