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Alternative to CoverScout?

Asked by hungerforpizza (247points) March 29th, 2009

I recently got the free version of coverscout, a program that fills in album art for your songs in itunes. The problem is that the free version makes it so the words demo are all over your songs. Is there any Mac OSX alternatives to CoverScout?

Thank you.

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Doesn’t iTunes look up the album covers for you?
Mine grabs them automatically, but I’m on PC.
Though I can’t imagine Apple making the PC version more robust than the Mac.

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Yeah it does, but sometimes it can’t find it. Also, is there a free program that does it? All the ones i’m finding cost money.

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Try Corripio. It’s free. Maybe not a effective as the others, though.

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you know, if you only need a cover occasionally, you can just go to amazon, pull up the album, and drag the cover into the “now playing” field in iTunes.

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Yeah, and many iTunes controllers, such as GimmeSomeTune will fetch it for you. Just not in batches, like you may be looking for.

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