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Do you live up to others' expectations of you?

Asked by Facade (22889points) March 29th, 2009
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I can’t speak for myself; only others can.

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Not everyone’s. Can’t please all of em.

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God, I hope not.

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It’s just like @gailcalled said. If someone doesn’t relate to me what their expectations of me are, I’m never going to know if I’m living up to them. I think it is most important, though, to live up to your own expectations before concerning yourself what others are thinking or expecting of you.

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It seems like people usually say something, some time, if you do meet their expectations. At least, judging by that, I’ve not managed the trick, at least, within my family. I feel fairly invisible when it comes to my parents. Well, it doesn’t really matter any more. Old resentments. I suppose, like revenge, they are best served cold.

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Trick is, you can’t let them get too high so that you can’t follow them.

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It is hard enough to live up to my own, let alone worry about living up to theirs.

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I feel it’s alway’s a work in progress, the cliche “you win some ,you lose some” spring’s to mind =P. I agree with NaturalMineralWater I don’t think I’ll ever be completely successful with everyone’s expectation’s but I hope I do eventually meet all those from loved one’s and family because those matter to me the most and count! =^.^=

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I know I don’t and I am certainly okay with. I exceeded these same people’s expectation just years ago. Then we had to deal with some family trauma. Now we are recovering and not meeting these peoples expectations and they are being quite rude about it. It doesn’t bother me. I live up to my own expectations. these people = family

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No. I don’t meet any of the expectations of anybody who knows me personally, and I’m pretty sure I don’t meet any of the expectations a stranger would have of a person of my age/socioeconomic group. And if I do, then that person has a really skewed world view.

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@gailcalled same, I’d have to ask around and then hope for some honest answers.

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i HAVE to.
when people are ‘disappointed’ in me its worse than if they would have killed me.
i cant handle it.
im a compulsive people-pleaser.

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I might, but I definitely don’t try. The only expectations I feel the need to live up to are my own.

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no, never. For some weird reason, people who first meet me thing I’m a genius saint that should be worshipped or something. I’m obviously just an average person with an average IQ, though I do try my best to be helpful and friendly. They get pretty disappointed after a bit, then realise I’m just normal.

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