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How often do women propose to men?

Asked by brownlemur (4081points) November 16th, 2007

All I ever hear about is men proposing to women. Why not the other way around?

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Because, is not the way things happen, men can chose, women have to decide, women always have the advantage lol.

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Because it’s traditional.

A lot of the time, the couple has already decided that marriage is the right thing to do, and it’s just a formality. The outside appearance is that the man asks, and the woman says yes or no, but in practice it’s usually more of a joint decision than that.

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I have a male friend whose girlfriend proposed to him…he was thrilled! I also know lots of couples who decided together, and never had a formal man-on-one-knee moment. One problem is that I think even for many progressive women who don’t really care, they need a formal “proposal story” to tell their families, grandparents, etc since our society might look down on a guy who couldn’t “get his act together” to do a formal proposal. Personally, I think it’s all ridiculous, but I think many women have been ingrained with certain societal norms since birth and don’t want to break away from them.

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A female friend of mine proposed to her male fiance. I agree that it’s definitely happening a lot more, but also I think that for many progressive couples, the moment of engagement is no longer that important, because the decision to get married was a long-term discussion between the two parties, not a unilateral decision by the male that he was ready.

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Before it didn’t happen a lot that a girl would propose but its happening more and more.

Pink proposed to her husband carey heart so its totally cool and hip now.

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i don’t think the societal norms are limited to just women. i know several boys who would feel terribly immasculated if they were proposed to.

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I am proposing to my boyfriend. He has been the one wanting to marry my for a while now. I’m the one that had the questions. Now that I’m finally ready, I feel it is my duty to ask. Besides, if you want a memorable engagement take matters into your own hands—if you wait for him to do it you have no room to complain if it’s not what you wanted.

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whosgotmyarm good for you! I actually believe that more women should propose. My fiance proposed to me and I’m glad she did, if she wouldn’t have proposed, I think I would’ve lost her.
However, I think it’s mostly the men that propose, because it makes us feel dominant or superior.

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