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Are orange peels really not compostable?

Asked by jdegrazia (269points) March 29th, 2009

And, if they really aren’t, what are some good things we can do with them instead of throwing them away?

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I use citrus peels in the kitchen garbage disposal to clean it out and leave a nice scent behind. My mother saves them in the freezer for making candied rinds and jams.

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Citrus in general isn’t. Neither are coconut shells? What are they called?
You could dry them and use them as potpourri…

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Today I was throwing some lemon peels in the compost pile, and I thought to myself Are these things really supposed to be composted? It doesn’t seem like it would break down into good soil, with all that citric acid. Thanks for asking this jdegrazia.

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You can compost it but you can’t do too much. It’ll make your compost too acidic if you do a lot. And you want a good balance to have a good compost. But yes you can compost your orange peels. Just don’t make orange juice every morning and have to compost like 5 a day.

hubby does this for a living, i asked him

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I make fireballs, to entertain the kids.

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I use bits of citrus peels to keep weed fresh. Gives it a nice little hint of citrus flavor as well.

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I put fresh mint leaves in a jar with my weed. Sometimes jasmine flowers. The transfer of flavor is nice. I’m going to start using orange peel now.

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I’ve used orange peels to rehydrate pouch tobacco too. There wasn’t a lot of transfer of taste, but there WAS moisture transfer, which is what I wanted!

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