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What is the best way for the fluther community to help the website grow?

Asked by occ (4176points) November 16th, 2007

I love Fluther and I want to help spread the word, get my friends on board, make sure the community grows and we have a bigger pool of people to answer/ask questions and help each other. I“m wondering what we fluther users (flutherites? flutherians? flutherees?) can do to help—anyone out there have ideas to get the word out or ways that that they’ve encouraged friends to sign up?

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I think we can post links and banners pointing to fluther on our websites/ blogs,
just spread the word via word of mouth to friends and family,
submit some of the best questions to social new websites like digg/reddit, etc.

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I would love there to be an option to make moo cards from Fluther questions. Imagine this: Our favourite or relevant questions on 100 slim cards like the Flickr cards, with our contact details and the associated Fluther url. I’d buy 100 in a heartbeat. Anyone else think this is a winner?

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I’m but they must be international…

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You can always recommend the page by saying “That sounds like a question for Fluther!” when a potential question comes up in conversation. If you think Fluther can give them useful answers to a particular question, then tell them about the site.

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I found this site from a posting on Webiki so far I like it. I thanked the poster and I imagine that Fluther is going to grow quite well as our friends and associates check it out.

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