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Good Place to meet nerd girls?

Asked by D353R7F0XX (25points) March 29th, 2009

Where is a good place to meat girls who are nerd’s and into anime, video games, computers, and in particular game Development, other than conventions (which don’t happen all to often near me)

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Gaming stores/Computer Stores. We have a game store here where you can actually play the video games on Big Screens for 5$ an hour. It’s awesome. I use it when I work with teens.

How about the library. Old but good. You can notice what type of books they are checking out and if you see them reading anime then you go for it :)

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Sometimes there are clubs or interest groups, such as a Linux users group. These are generally open to anyone who is interested and while they are heavily male in their membership, that is one place nerd girls can be found.

If there is a college or university near you consider taking some classes through the computer department,. particularly classes in game design. You should find some nerds of the fairer sex there.

Hang out in the computer section of someplace like Barnes & Noble and see who picks up what books. Then find a reason to strike up a conversation.

Head to the nearest Internet cafe and hang out, watching for girls who play online games.

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Clubs. Social gatherings in that genre you’re looking for? Where you might find is depended on where you live.

Oh, also “comic book stores”. Local people walking in and out to buy things in order to met their interests ;)

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Dude, I’m gonna go with forums.

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any and all Sci-fi conventions…
Have you tried Comic-con?

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”[...] other than conventions”

Well, damn. There went my answer.

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Cons, Game Stores, Anime Stores, Comic Shops, Libraries, Specialty Groups.
Bear in mind, we nerd girls are very used to coming within an inch of having our legs humped at gatherings. Don’t come on strong. We have a six sense for douchebaggery in those settings.

Lots of places.
Or, you know, the farkin’ internet.

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And none of us want to be ‘meat.’

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I can’t believe that nobody has said this yet: DUDE, LOOK ON THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!! you can find ANYBODY on the internet. Its easier to meet someone over the internet as it takes away the awkwardness of trying to “pick-up” a lady.

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Ummm… Fluther?
Of course, not everyone fits your description. But some proudly do. You’ll figure it out.

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Why would you look for nerd girls when Fluther is full of supermodels?

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<—Nerd girl.

Nerd girl =/= unattractive, tyvm!

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Supermodels are too high maintenance, only look good when they are full on and untouchable, and degrade with time. Hose them down and they look like this .

I say stick with the smart, nerd girls. They get better with age. I know. I’ve got one!

Oh, and ladies – that holds true for men too.

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Video game forums!
shameless plug because I dig ‘em.

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I you like your nerdy women big, try a Star Trek convention.

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Get a job in IT, especially a big company. Sitting on the other side of my cubicle wall is a hot little number who watches (and discusses in depth) anime, sci-fi flicks, video games, and can build a mean web server. There are quite a few like her where I work.

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@asmonet Lurve from a fellow nerd girl!

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NaNoWriMo. I have it on good authority that during NaNoWriMo, you can meet a ton of nerdy girls at write-ins near you, get to know them over the month, and then go to the TGIO party and get their number or screenname.

At least, that’s what I hear.

Any resemblance to how my current relationship started is mere coincidence.

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@sdeutsch: Reciprocated. :)

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You could try World of Warcraft or other MMOs. Once they get on Ventrilo or Teamspeak, you’ll be able to tell! And not all of them play with their boyfriends.
Actually, that’s kind of a stars-aligning scenario… I’d honestly say your best bet might be getting involved in something on the internet, or maybe something like, where people make up sort of specialty hangout groups and meet like once a month. Was considering it to find more nerdy friends myself.

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Ha…the boy I’ve got, totally met me on WoW.

- _ -’

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@Sakata That’s how I met my nerd! :D

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any Ideas for the Burlington VT or Somerset County NJ area ?

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woot. im so into anime/games/computers :) Media Arts and Animation was one of my majors, but I passed it on for Fine Arts XP

Well, how old are you????? If your in highschool, why not start a club? In college, if their isnt an anime club, START ONE! Are you going to college? I mean, I can only make assumptions since I dont know your age ^^; But I will assume that you want to meet them irl, not online. So clubs and schools are your best option.

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My nerdy fella and my nerdy self met online. It was not a dating site but in an actual discussion forum. I think discussing the things you’re interested in is a far better way to meet people than finding a dating site where people say they’re interested in what you’re interested in.

We’ve met some wonderful folks (both nerdy and not-nerdy) at pub trivia nights, too. It’s nice to get to know people while you’re doing something in teams.

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