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What is a good movie to see on Thanksgiving with my family (all "grown-ups")?

Asked by sfgal (283points) November 16th, 2007

Every Thanksgiving my family goes to a movie in the theaters together. It has grown increasingly challenging to find one that we will all tolerate, let alone enjoy. There are two of us in our 20s, plus our parents and my 83 year old grandfather. My dad doesn’t like anything “too frivolous” i.e. no stupid comedies and nothing too sexy, and my grandfather won’t see anything depressing or too complicated to follow. Help! My mom suggested Love in the Time of Cholera but I’m worried it might have lots of passionate sex scenes and will not be the kind of movie one wants to watch with dad and grandpa in tow. My mother insists that our movie date is a “family tradition” and won’t give up on it, so we need to find something!
p.s. last year we saw the Will Farell drama/comedy Stranger Than Fiction, which was more intellectual than his usual fare but still very entertaining, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

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I haven’t seen it yet, but maybe you want to consider into the wild?. It seems to be getting good reviews, it’s rated R for “language and some nudity” but doesn’t sound like it actually has anything too sexy. It’s based on the novel by John Krakauer, which in turn was based on the true story of a college graduate who abandons his possessions, gives all his money to charity, and goes to live in the wilderness in Alaska. It’s definitely #1 on my list of movies to see!

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Re; some members of the family might find the ending extremely depressing. However, frivolous it is not, and certainly not sexy if the film is true to the book. A novel worth reading, IAC. A very cautionary tale, remember.

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And a film that I want to see. Keeping all of your family happy seems to be a challenging task.
Good luck.

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If you can find it near you, I suggest Music Within

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Too late for Thanksgiving, but a film we saw with three generations was Michael Clayton, and we all enjoyed it.

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that’s funny- the film we decided upon at Thanksgiving was Michael Clayton, and it was great! The plot was a little hard for my 83 year old grandfather to follow, though…but the rest of us enjoyed it.

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