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New project starting mid-may in Berlin, any tips?

Asked by qashqai (2465points) March 30th, 2009

I am going to Germany in the second half of May and I was wondering if anyone has tips about Berlin: places to go for dinner, shopping, visiting etcetera.

I will also google it, but I trust much more my fellow flutherites to help me find hidden jems out there.

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Ask matt.

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The Ku’Damm has a lot of nice shops.

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Check out the techno-punk scene

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@zen: seconded. And, if you get the opportunity, visit him. He’s a very gracious host and you might get some German lessons, too (like the difference between ö and ü – I think: it may have been other RATHER similar-sounding vowels).

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Edited by Me, I got Berlin confused with Munich. but you still might want to go to Munich to see the BMW factory tour.

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Depends on where in Berlin, Berlin is a big city. I lived in Prentzlauer Berg, which is north. But it’s not nice. It’s too hip, too pretentious. It’s where all the artists live. It’s also where all the “artists” live. You get my drift.

Big cities are always impersonal, often inhuman. Obviously you’ll find nice places and nice people wherever you go. But for me Berlin was just another big city that devours its citizens. I escaped not a minute too early.

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@Jack79: I had a similar experience with Frankfurt (aka, Mainhatten). After a week in Bonn – a seemingly very German city – Frankfurt just seemed like it could be any major city, anywhere in the world. It was a very “meh” experience.

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