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What is in your car trunk right now?

Asked by Lupin (4380points) March 30th, 2009

I believe you can tell a lot about a person by what they carry back there.
Are they ready for a disaster? Can they help someone in need? Are they hiding something? Do they plan ahead? Are they ready to play?
Do you think it is a good indicator of your personality?

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Two glow sticks. One pizza box. A rake. A over-sized box of ready-to-make egg drop soup. Some duct tape. I even think there is some Halloween candy tucked in the crevices.

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It’s like asking what’s in a woman’s purse. In fact, since we carry such small wallets, and really secretly want to carry a big purse with lotsa stuff in it, it’s sorta a man-purse.

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I have a bag full of clothes that I will be donating to a local church. I also have many plastic bags that need to be recycled. This indicates that I am a procrastinator because they have been in my trunk all winter.

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spare tire, warning triangle, flares, jumper cables, extra oil, jack, lug wrench… and a giant two-seat stroller…

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“What” or “who”?

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@Mr_M Who indeed?

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My climbing gear and an old blanket.

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@Mr_M Reminds me of my favourite: What’s the difference between a friend and a best friend? A friend’ll help you move. A best friend will help you move a body.

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You got THAT right!

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two camp chairs (one which apparently collapsed the last time I lent it to someone), some glow sticks, a spare tire, 4 sweatshirts, two “drill rifles” (you know the wooden ones you throw)

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My Caliber doesn’t have a trunk :(

My rear hatch compartment contains a spare tire, jack, sweatshirt, bungee cords, ice scraper, extra gloves, and a business folder with my resume “just in case”.

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A thick, warm blanket, an emergency shovel, a box of sand, extra motor oil, paper towels and a spare tire. I’m prepared for white out conditions on I-80. ;-)

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@eponymoushipster God, your car must really smell good by now!

Two lawn chairs in their bags & a Long John Silvers insulated mug. I keep the trunk pretty well cleaned out.

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- tri bike
– bike helmet
– bike shoes
– bike pump
– bike tubes
– spare running shoes
– sunglasses
– multi-tool
– allen wrenches
– jumper cables
– military canvas duffel bag
– artificial chamois
– bounce house
– electric air pump

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I got some junk in my trunk!

I don’t own a car…

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A flat tyre (!), a broken tyre pump and a box of old research books! Ready for any disaster!!!!

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First aid kit; flashlight, bag of stuff that melts snow; basket of stuff for getting stuck in the snow; blanket, gloves, had, water bottle. cat carrier, head rests from front seats in car, package of 12 rolls of one-ply toilet paper, and snow an ice scraper for windows.

IN a few weeks it will be a shovel, Wellingtons, and large plastic containers for poaching wild flowers from the sides of deserted roads.

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Why do you want to know??? What have you heard?!?................ It’s a lie!!!!

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I don’t have a trunk either, but in the back of my car I think I have:
Flashlight, screwdrivers, hammer, maybe a wrench, cloth rags, windex, papertowels, jack, spare tire.

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the car I’m currently using is entirely empty, save for a couple of recycleable shopping-bags (strong enough to hold anything).

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A cardboard cut out of Rorschach and a poster for Watchmen. So yes, I am prepared for anything.

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Time for me to ‘fess up. I’ve got a full 2 gallon can of gasoline, tow 15 ft tow chain, set of old clothes, reflectors, loaded tool box with 9 tabs of Trioxane, and a Benjamin Legacy 1000 that I’m dropping off at a friend’s house. I guess I’m ready for anything

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a bunch of crap i have yet to get out of my trunk:
Canvas boards, engine oil, coolant, a dirty towel, a copy of Grey’s Anatomy ( I use it to weigh down my back tires when to roads are icy), a piece of the underside of my car, an umbrella and some WD-40

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Motor oil
Duct tape
3-man tent
Reflective shield
Phoenix Coyotes fleece jacket

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Spare tire & jack
Tote full of car emergency accessories (oil, wiper fluid, 50/50, tire iron, bulbs, funnel, paper towels, winter gloves, etc.)
Air compressor
Jump box
Ice scraper/brush
Tall rubber boots for stall mucking/mud and snow
Riding gear (helmet, boots, half chaps, spurs, gloves, etc.)

I think that’s it for right now… I’m prepared for almost anything!

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I have a sleeping bag, some clothes, a flood flashlight (which my friends and I have only used to get into trouble..) and some other random crap.

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Addendum: I have now added a Scrabble set, a container of prunes, a bag of kitty litter and a huge bag of cat food…some for my mother, who will be released from rehab tomorrow, and some for Milo.

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@gailcalled prunes and kitty litter. sounds like a party!

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@gailcalled So, what’s for your mother? The kitty litter or the prunes? sorry, the devil made me say that

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@eponymoushipster: Curious. Milo just asked me the same question.

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@gailcalled LOLLLLL, now THAT would be a party.

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@Lupin, be careful with that gasoline. If you’re rear-ended the pyrotechnics could be spectacular.

I have jumper cables, work gloves, flashlight, rope, bungee cords, a blanket, 2 rain ponchos, 2 folding chairs, a collection of Ikea shopping bags, fabric to make sand scarves, a sewing machine, and a copy of Clyde Crews’ “Ultimate Questions.” And pine needles from the christmas tree.

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@AlfredaPrufrock And the Trioxane would keep the fireworks going rain or shine.
Hmmm, Maybe I should put a DOT warning placard on my trunk.

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@AlfredaPrufrock I thought the same thing about the gas in the trunk. NOT a good idea at all.

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I know it is dangerous but that 2 gallon can has helped so many people over the years. The Trioxane covers the unlikely event where I’m stuck in a snow storm and need to keep warm. It’s also handy for starting camping fires. Fits nicely in the tool box.
You mean everybody doesn’t carry a tab or two with them?

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Lawn Darts
Bag of Lime
Some one thing in a rolled up carpet.

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@DrBill Yes! Lawn Darts!

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@robmandu Yes… dangerous things they are, but oh so much fun! I wasn’t introduced to them until a few years ago, but I play everytime I find someone who still has a set.

Too bad so many people were injured from lawn darts.. it’s a fun game when played responsibly.. or when drunk, but then there is even more danger..

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