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Should the U.S. / Japan shoot down Korea's Rocket?

Asked by gambitking (4194points) March 30th, 2009

As we approach the imminent event of North Korea’s rocket launch, the Japanese and U.S. Naval forces are getting into position. Should we intervene?

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My understanding is that the naval forces are there in case the rocket “goes off course” or has a trajectory that does not jibe with the stated purpose of the test.

Other than that, we’re there to observe.

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@syz Yeah…that’s it…. “Just in case it goes off course”, that’s the ticket. Yeah. I think it all remains to be seen. I’ve taken all of that news with a grain of salt.

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Given the state of their technology, I’ll give it an even chance of blowing up on the launch pad.

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I really doubt if we would shoot it down if it will splash down as proposed.

There’s a lot of saber rattling in the world today and actually causing the first damage is not something I can see us wanting to do right now.

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No. It would close down any opportunity we have of bringing N. Korea back into the company of other nations in the world. It’s not that serious an event.

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I think we should stay the hell out of unless we have a viable reason not to and “we’re the world superpower” is not a viable reason. I am so sick of us pretending to be the world police.

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Nope. Track it and learn it’s targeting signature so you can more accurately get the next one.

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The N. Koreans have a history of being provocative when they are in trouble internally. Usually it has to do with crop failure or something similar. It seems that asking for help makes them and their system seem to be failures, which of course they are. But if they act out then we will meet with them and offer them something they can’t refuse. They will agree to our offer and they save face.

I’m sure the intelligence agencies know what they want already and in a short time they will agree to stop firing missiles and we will send a boatload of rice or medicine or something.

This has been going on for decades. While their leader (or figurehead) might be a goofball or more likely incapacitated, the military knows that aggression against China, S. Korea or Japan would be the end of their regime.

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I say we nuke them back to the stone age and send Kim Jong Il’s head on a world tour. If S. Korea gets lost in the process well that’s just collateral damage. Those Hyundais suck anyway…..or maybe sit down and have tea.

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SeventhSense: That makes a lot of sense. Never mind the American military and our allies the S. Koreans are to be contaminated, we can put up a giant fence or tent to protect them. Then when the prevailing winds blow radioactive fallout over China and they get a little miffed we can just tell the govt that can bring down our economy, as well as respond in kind, to go suck rocks.

And that’s not even counting the fact any radioctive dust from Asia would be raining on the US within days. Did I say what kind of sense? Childish, ignorant, blowhard nonsense.

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Don’t get your panties in a wad. It’s a joke.

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I’m not wearing panties-get your facts straight.

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Can we put this off until 2012? I have an important date I dont want to miss.

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No. I think they should wait for a mistake to take it down. They should stay into position though.

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Japan should do it.

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Track it and record its signatures so the takedown missiles will be that much more accurate. We can always use better targeting data.
The people are starving and KJI is wasting resources on that. Criminal.

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