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What is something I can do, not hate, and get paid for?

Asked by onesecondregrets (2591points) March 30th, 2009

I was considering Pampered Chef, but cooking isn’t technically my niche.
I’m more artsy fartsy, than foodable.
But the IDEA of Pampered Chef…spot on.

Or just any creative, worthwhile suggestions for a 19 year old who would like a side project/job (extra income) apart from my “work” that feels like work job. You know?

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What skills do you have that you enjoy using?

For instance, if you’re artsy fartsy, you could make craft things and then sell them in a local handcrafts shop, if there’s one near you. Or at a craft fair.

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Or on, to add to cwiblur’s suggestion.

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you can get paid to do bar and resturant reviews, a buddy of mine used to have that job when I lived in florida. He didn’t make a TON of money, but as a side job it paid well, and he usually didn’t have to pay for meals.

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You know you CAN combine your Pampered Chef/Artsy Fartsy talent. Do you ever see these cake decorating shows on the Food Channel? Those people ARE artists; artists with food.

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I don’t know if you’re the type, but have you looked into Passion Parties and things like that?

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Then, too, you can make yourself a stock of the things you like to make, then sell them at flea markets and stuff. Maybe even just in front of your house. Or sell them to someone ELSE who would sell them at flea markets and stuff.

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I’m looking for something that I won’t let stress me out, besides organizing and planning of anything if I need to do.. I want it to be something beneficial more than anything else, monetarily and stress-wise, haha.

@cwilbur…When it comes to art I love anything hands on, physical. Like graphic design, not so much for me. That’s an awesome idea! Thank you.
@EmpressPixie…Adding to cwilbur’s. Ahh I love creative juices a-flowin’. That site might just help me. Just gotta figure out what medium I would want to sell, or do. Thank you so much.
@Mr_M…They definitel are artists, with food and I absolutely love what they do but thats more open up a business type of thing and that may not fit into my lifestyle so much right now, haha. But that second suggestion. I’m really considering doing the selling my stuff thing. Flea markets, awesome idea. Thank youuu.
@Likeradar…I have not. I think some google’age is gonna proceed…

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They have jewelry parties like pampered chief. They also have ladies lingerie parties. You have to be pretty brave and not worry about what your mother would think, but I hear you can make good money selling fuzzy hand cuffs and edible underwear at these parties.

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@onesecondregrets I’ve been to a few and it seems like the sales people are always having a blast. The other one I know of is called Slumber Parties.

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@judi, how can I get invited to the ladies lingerie parties?

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@Mr_M ; sex change operation :-)

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..I knew that was coming from Mr_M, hahah.
I tried the Passion Parties website and checked the consultant page, it’s failing on me. That’s probably a sign. Now onto Slumber Parties.

Thanks again for all the input my wonderfuls.

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Do they need models at these parties?

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@onesecondregrets , you can always have embryos implanted. The record so far is 8.

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When you do sales parties, you usually start with friends and acquaintances and branch out when the word spreads. I may be wrong but Pampered Chef seems to appeal to the 30-somethings who have the money to set a matchy matchy kitchen. If you are into party sales there are more affordable products like cosmetics where you can use your artistry or home products where you can use design skills. These things might be more affordable and useful to your first customers.

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I have to say, making your own crafts and selling them in a market or at a craft fair is a really easy way to make money and not hate what you do. Depending on where you live, setting up a business for yourself may be a wise decision. You can set up an Etsy shop in so little time, and you’re free to list whatever you want, whatever you feel like creating, make it high quality and be fair with prices (be fair to YOURSELF as well!) and you should have no problem selling things. Of course, you do have to do some effort, gotta spread the name around, so having a blog where you post all sorts of craft related things, commenting on other people’s blogs as well, is a good way to do this. You can even make up simple business cards and give them out to friends and family to spread the local word.

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So far there are a lot of great craft ideas. I used to sell mine at craft fairs all over the state. I am a registered Native American artist, so I can also sell at Pow Wows and related fairs.

Here’s a totally different take on your question. How about a security guard, or even better, a bar tender. Both of those can be a lot of fun. I have also enjoyed working as an event planner/tour guide for various public venues, and I was a magicians assistant in my Dad’s magic act, which was a lot of fun. How about being for a product demonstrator on the Fair/Expo circuit.

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@Yarnlady , let me guess! You were the RABBIT he pulled out of the hat! Right?

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@Mr_M How did you know that?

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Once I ruled out Playboy bunny, I figured, “What else could it be?”.

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