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Are you required to have a front license plate?

Asked by reijinni (6953points) March 30th, 2009
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It depends. In what state?

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In my state (NY) yes.

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in VA, yes

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In the State of Delaware, you are not required to have a front license plate.

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Here in South Africa, we must have both front and back plates.

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In Ontario, yes. In Quebec, no.

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Not in PA.

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yes for MD

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yes in NJ

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No in NC, yes in TX.

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Like Shecky, I’m in SC and no, we do not require a front plate.

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It’s called the Department of Motor Vehicles. When you’re old enough to drive you will go there and they’ll give you either one or two metal things with numbers to put on your car depending upon which state you live in.

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32 seconds of googling later:

And a less annoying site with more info, 35 seconds later:

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Yup, I have been pulled over three times for it in the past few years.

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Not in AZ

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WV no, DMV only issues you one plate.

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@JamesL That’s good to know. I just received a car from my grandfather as a gift, and it was shipped from FL with no place for a front license plate. So this is all fresh for me.

In fact, I just went to the store today to get a license plate holder and screws to get this handled. Your comment that you’ve actually been pulled over for this motivates me to put the thing on sooner rather than later.

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Well I am glad I could help.

(I still don’t have one) haha

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