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Do paperboys exist anymore?

Asked by Horus515 (769points) March 30th, 2009

I think the image shown on TV and movies of the kid riding his little bike through a nice suburban setting in the early morning hours tossing papers into yards is extinct. In fact, when you think about it. The image we get on TV is a bunch of crap anyway. When did paperboys ever deliver papers after the sun was up and people are outside mowing and smiling and waving at the paperboy. Never. It happened too early for all that. Nowadays its unhappy middle-agers riding in Vans at like 3am or some such. It’s the myth of the paperboy. Am I wrong?

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Yes, but they aren’t boys and they don’t ride bikes.

They are old ladies and they drive a beat up Toyota, and the paper does not land on your porch, it lands on the edge of your yard or in the street.

darn, just saw your ending comment. lol!

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We have paperboys and papergirls in our little town. Most of them ride their bicycles.

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I used to be that kid at age 12. For a week. I had to get up at 5AM, because the papers had to be assembled (coupon inserts, latest sports sections, etc.) at the depot, and the paper carriers were expected to do this work. I was constitutionally unable to do at the time; getting out of bed was sheer hell.

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Paperboys and girls here on bicycles everyday

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I wish. I used to help my mum out and delivering papers is a hell job these days. 300–500 papers a morning, they filled the car so much the kids were buried under the papers until the first hundred or so were removed and we had to bag them all ourselves on the days that it rained. All to be done before the sun even starts to come up. I have major respect for people doing that job, it was awful. I do wish it could be a kid on a bike, but that would just not work out with that many papers at a time.

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We have paperboys where I live. :) They carry the local newspapers in orange bags that they put over their shoulder. They either walk or bike…depends on the weather. I don’t have too much respect for them because here, the paper is ALWAYS delivered in the afternoon, not the morning. It’s easy for them and there are several boys, so they only cover a few streets each.

In the wintertime, they don’t work. The paper is delivered by the mailmen/women.

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In the city they can’t throw it from a car. Also the neighborhood weekly is delivered by hand. They just slide 8 copies under the building security gate.

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My goodness, the last time I saw a paperboy, he was yelling after me, “I want my two dollars!”

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@VzzBzz It’s got raisins in it… you like raisins.

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In my neighborhood it is a middle aged guy with a Scion. I was a paperboy (well girl) when I was young and I loved it.

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I used to be a papergirl and when I first started, the papers didn’t show up until the afternoon, so it was an after school job. Then they switched to morning delivery and it was too much for my family and so we stopped. I remember collecting money from people, how could they resist such a sweet kid…and getting Christmas presents sometimes, that was always a nice bonus.

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Well I think we’ve established that 1) The image of the paperboy on a bike, seemingly mid-morning to early afternoon happily riding his little red bike down an active suburban street as others mow and sprinklers turn on, is not myth, and some of you have actually seen it, praise god! AND 2) Not only is it not a myth, but may not even be entirely extinct, maybe not existing exactly as I described it, but at least some approximation thereof. Thanks for answering my first question and helping put more perspectives on it!

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Paperboys are a thing of the past (or perhaps a thing of the NEVER). Besides, newspapers are getting ready to go all digital. The Chicago Sun Times is declaring bankruptcy, the Detroit Free Press switched to all-digital (online), and there are tech advances that seek to distribute something similar to an episode of Futurama or those crazy papers in the Harry Potter movies.

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