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What's up with all these sex-questions?

Asked by klaas4 (2175points) March 30th, 2009

Jeez, is it national ask-about-sex day or something?

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I don’t know, man, but it sure seems like it. I guess it’s our way of huggin’ it out.

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it’s mating season…

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Ok, who doused themselves in pheromones?

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I was actually wondering that myself. I know I asked one of the aforementioned sex questions, but then I saw just how many others there are. I guess it comes in waves like with religion, pot and homosexuality.

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Maybe we started looking like such experts that it brought all the curiosity out of the closet.

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It’s a well observed fact* that in asking communities, a sequence of similar questions will be seen. I think it is due to someone reading a question and being reminded of a similar one they wanted to ask, so they do so.

*No statistical backing whatsoever beyond many observations!

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Could this be the beginning of the biggest hottest mating season in spring-time history?! ? Well I’m certainly not adverse to pushing it in that direction!

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i was wondering the same thing.

now i feel all funny down there. man…..

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@eponymoushipster: Down there? Do you live in Australia? I suppose the Australians are a humorous people…

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@KatawaGrey yes, my didgeridoo is all a-tingling!

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Oprah had a story about that last week I think.

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@Mr_M tha’st a vajayjay

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I have no comments but had a giggle…thanks guys xxxx lurvin y’all

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@eponymoushipster: You always make me blush… ;)

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Spring has sprung?

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Sigh… @eponymoushipster now i’ll never be able to play my didj without giggling again! haha.

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@adreamofautumn it’s worse if you start tingling from playing it.

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@adreamofautumn: Can you actually play while giggling…?

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@KatawaGrey No, not even while smiling. It’s kinda like whistling that way.

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i don’t know, but apparently i answered quite a few because they keep showing up as “questions for you” makes me feel dirty

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@KatawaGrey nope I can’t! Damn it! Haha.

@casheroo my “questions for you” are slightly insane. I’m not sure how I end up with some of them.

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@casheroo: I always end up with computer questions and economic questions. wanna trade?

@adreamofautumn: You should try and then post a video. :)

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I like these q’s:)
there is nothing wrong w/being satiated w/these types of q’s is there?
look at my interests
I feel a bit more at home
and spring? what is spring?
we are expecting more snow
4” just from last night!

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It’s the post-weekend horny phase… some people didn’t get any.. it’s on their mind… they’ll get over it. They are however interesting questions… i never considered the frequency of fisting in lesbian relationships…

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@Dr_C lord knows i have…

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Influx of a lot of young, new users + anonymity + questions they’ve been sitting on for a long time and didn’t have anywhere else to ask, is what I think . . .

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@figbash “Everything you ever wanted to Fluther about sex, but were afraid to ask”?

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Sorry guys, my fault! It always is…

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@TitsMcGhee: You just ooze sexuality. We can feel it through our internets.

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that’s why my router keeps going down.

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@eponymoushipster: Well damn. I was trying to keep it up.

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@TitsMcGhee there are times when “going down” is good.

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@eponymoushipster: I guess you’re right. Usually it’s right before the four hour mark, at which point you’re supposed to seek medical attention…

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@TitsMcGhee only if pills are concerned sweety ;)
otherwise… i’d call that a wednesday.

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@Dr_C: LOL4RL. Soooo… what, uh, are you up to this coming wednesday?

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@TitsMcGhee: I think the point is that he’s always up on Wednesdays. ;)

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For those who don’t know, the asker is a young teenager. Thank’s for keeping it clean!

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@eponymoushipster :Exactly! That combined with a fair amount of “Tee hee heeeeeee…I can get these people to answer my dirty questions!! Giggle, snicker, giggle”

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@breedmitch: Yeah, the asker is a long-time user, who even though he’s a teenager, is exceptionally mature and open-minded -which is probably why he’s asking this question.

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@TitsMcGhee that depends wink wink

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@figbash: Hihi, thanks. ;) @breedmitch is right though, please keep it clean. :)

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@casheroo Per Woody Allen, sex is not dirty…..unless you do it right

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