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It seems to me that it is easy to tell somebody's political affiliation if they use a Mac. Why is this?

Asked by ru2bz46 (6743points) March 30th, 2009
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This is hilarious :D
Oh wait, what does it mean?
(I’m uncool/PC user)

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So Mac users are generally liberals? Is that what you mean? I’m a liberal and I have a PC

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My guess: Mac users tend to be younger, younger people are more inclined towards the left-leaning political beliefs.

Those are both gross over-generalizations, but in regards to the question that is also a generalization is seems like a possible correlation.

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You are aware that Rush Limbaugh is a Mac user, no?

Mac users tend to have enough money that they can take advantage of Vimes’ Boots theory of product quality. They also have a willingless to move away from the mainstream in pursuit of their goals.

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@essieness Lots of people own PC’s because they are affordable and ubiquitous. When somebody specifically seeks out a Mac, they seem to be rebelling against the corporate giant of Microsoft, which seems to be a liberal trait (among other possible reasons).

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@ru2bz46 I don’t really think it’s rebelling. Usually when people don’t care for the subject they buy what everyone else is buying and are fine with it since they don’t really need anything special but for most people who have a passion for something like computers tend to chose more carefully what they want.

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@cwilbur I was doing some gardening on a hippie compound, and during a break, one of the other workers was asking my opinion on Mac vs PC (because it came out that I work in IT). He (a young long-haired guy who hitchhiked from Baltimore) wanted to get a Mac because all his friends had them. I told him that I thought the two were pretty much equal, but the Mac might be a better choice for professional graphics). He still wanted the Mac; he just had a better view of them. I don’t think his ability to afford it was part of his reasoning.

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@PIXEL I grew up using Apple products. When it came time for me to buy my own, I wanted a Mac, but I couldn’t afford one, so I went with PC. It was only my most liberal friends that bought Macs. For example, the Macs I can think of right now belong to these people/businesses that I know/frequent (all liberal):
*Activist hippie ex-girlfriend
*Several yoga studios
*Homesteading sister
*Former boss at a natural resources agency
*Most of my former coworkers at an environmental company
*Landscape architect friend
The list goes on. Apparently, Rush Limbaugh is the only conservative to own one.

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@essieness and @boots I remember a recent Microsoft commercial that featured a bunch of people stating their job/hobbies/lifestyles, etc. (most of which are also typically attractive to liberals), and that they use PC’s. It seemed to be a deliberate attempt to make liberals feel like it was OK to use a PC.

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@ru2bz46 I’d say that’s PC trying to get a share of Mac’s market. But that’s probably my cynicism towards capitalism.

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I have a Mac and a PC….what does that say about me? my husband is strictly a PC man, my daughter a Mac user…my son – whatever we have his programs of choice loaded on, is what he uses – he’s 6.

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@cak Is there any correlation between your families computer choices and politics/world outlook (well, maybe not your 6-year-old!)?

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@boots Yes, they are trying to get a share of the Mac market (that market being liberals).

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Many of the mac users I know are libertarian.

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@phoenyx Libertarians are socially liberal, which seems to be the “Mac gene”.

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@ru2bz46, I’m 52, and on my 2nd Mac at home. I’m on a Mac for the same reason I own a Honda; the buying decision was simplified, and when I turn it on, it goes.

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@AlfredaPrufrock I get the same performance from PC’s (as well as Macs). So, you’re saying you’re not rebelling against “the corporation”...are you still a liberal (just looking for a correlation)?

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@ru2bz46 – My husband bought the Mac – but has reverted to the PC – old habit. I’ve always owned a PC, but started using the Mac, because I hated to see it sit there. I’m more liberal than he is; however, I wouldn’t say I was a true liberal. My husband, is a declared Republican, with shifting views. Moderate – less conservative than he used to be – politically. My daughter – even though she’s still forming her opinion – liberal – at least for now!

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@ru2bz46, I’d say I’m ever so slightly left of center. More “radical middle.”

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I’d say there‚Äôs a hint of truth but def not the norm. My bother and sister in law both under 25 are uber conservatives, work @ Google and interned with Microsoft. They have Macs and Pc’s in their home and hooked us up with a Mac as well. There’s nothing political about wanting quality and reliable products.

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@cak That is how I pictured you guys. ;-)

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@AlfredaPrufrock I hear you, but I just right of harcore center. :-)

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@giltesque No, I don’t think it’s a rule by any means. I’ve just noticed a definite trend (IMO), and I’m wondering why. I know most people will probably say “quality”, but I know both machines, and the only “quality” difference I can see is Apple products are just plain beautiful.

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You never have to defrag a Mac.

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I’m a Mac user and I don’t vote… I hate politics. I don’t think I see the connection with Mac users and liberals.

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What about profession and industry affiliations? Many large-scale enterprise businesses especially in the finance and manufacturing industries would use Windows-bsaed systems.

Obviously many creatively-oriented firms like advertising, editorial, content creation have strong Mac-ties in tools and industry grasp.

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@artificialard Yes, like in my comment to @cwilbur, above, Macs are better for graphics professions.

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@ru2bz46 I have no idea how long you’ve used a Mac but they are more reliable and attractive imo.

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i use a mac and i am very conservative

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I didn’t know that desire for a quality product was a political affiliation.

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I won’t state my political affiliation, but I’ve owned mac products for 4 years. I didn’t own an iPod until 2008 and have not looked at another player to do the job. However, I do think it’s hilarious that you found that correlation (albeit unofficial). The only issue I have ever had was a hard drive failure in a 2008 macbook white. Besides that, I never thought of my political affiliation having anything to do with my choice of computers. I know it’s cliche to say, but once you go Mac, you never go back…for me at least.

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