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Where can I find the "Brass Knuckles" album?

Asked by wesley837 (163points) November 17th, 2007

Does anyone know where I can buy Nelly’s “Brass Knuckles” album . I thought it came out Nov. 13 but I’ve been having trouble finding it. (prefer non online shopping) thanks!

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It’s hard to answer this, particularly since I don’t know what retailers you have near you. It looks like F.Y.E., SunCoast, and Sam Goody carry the album (the clean version). It looks like Tower Records also carries it, though whether it’s the clean or another version, I’m not sure. Your best bet in this case (especially if you want the original/dirty version) may be to order it online.. check out Barnes & Noble online before Amazon, as I have often saved several dollars per album that way.

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