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How do I find my network security key for my modem?

Asked by aprilsimnel (30699points) March 30th, 2009

I have a Westell VersaLink 327W modem. My desktop is wired to it via an ethernet cable and my laptop is connected wirelessly. I got my iPhone today, and when I tried to connect it to my modem, I saw that my network had a lock on it. I don’t need a password to get online with my laptop, so I was confused as to why the iPhone asked for a password. I went to my laptop, checked the wireless connection properties and saw the following:

Security type: No authentication (open)
Encryption type: WEP
Network security key: ********
Key Index: 1

I opened a browser on my laptop and went to the, and I don’t know what to do from there. How do I find the newtwork security key to enter into my iPhone and be able to use my own modem at home for it? Please tell me I don’t have to call Verizon tech support. Google’s not come up with anything to help me. HALP!

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Are you on a Mac or PC?

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PC. Oh, the laptop runs Vista Home Premium SP1, but the desktop runs XP Pro SP3

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regardless i think you do have a key associated with your modem. if you don’t remember it, refer to your modem’s setup manual for info on how you must have set it to begin with. usually entering in your web browser will access the administration function of your modem and by accessing it you might be able to display your key as characters rather than ”*********”. if you find the securty setup for your modem but are unable to display the key as characters then your modem probably has a reset button in the back (may not be labeled but will be recessed in a very small hole). you will have to use a small wire such as an opened paper clip to reach the button itself. if you find it, insert your wire thingy in the hole (no scatological innuendos intended) for several seconds, 10–15. then, using your installation guide for the modem. re-install the modem. make certain you have the guide else download from the manufacturers web site. hope this helps and creates no further harm!

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also, if upon entering the IP listed above in your browser you’re asked for a administrator uid and password that you don’t know, then again refer to the installation guide for the default password and id. if those don’t work and you don’t otherwise recal specifying them when you originaly installed the modem, then advance to the re-set procedure.

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You also want to change your modem setting from WEP to WPA once you figure out the key, because of security reasons. I just had to do this on my mac. In my case, the key I had to use was not tied to my modem, but was the password that I used when I sent up the wireless. There was an option to see the password as text.

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Thank you both.

Here goes!

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hmmmm….april…alfreda raises a very good point. wpa and the key and password will be associated with the wireless router. if your router and modem are separate devices (unlike Airport), then the IP you need to use will be different did your router come with a setup disk?

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Update: I ended up calling Verizon. Turns out they don’t publicize the solution because it compromises the security of your wireless connection. The ‘password’ to connect to your modem for the iPhone is the number with which you get your internet service.

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well…then verizon is the culprit that set your network name and key! there’s nothing special about using your number to connect to the internet as your key, but also nothing bad about it. usually, if you have DSL, your provider will require pppoe and that is stronger security for your provider. as long as things work for you then great! but, wpa is stronger then wep and you can certainly change your setting to wpa. i suspect however that working is well enough for you and that said, glad things are working for you! nite!

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I do find I get better range inside the house since I went from WEP to WPA.

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I have a D-Link modem, so my simple solution might not work for you. Access from your browser’s address line. Log in! I hope that you at least have this password. Choose “SETUP”, then “WIRELESS SETTINGS”, next “Add Wireless Device with WPS”. The next screen will give you the option betwen “AUTO” or “MANUAL” setup. Choose “MANUAL” and click “NEXT”. A detailed summary of your wireless security settings including your WEP key will be displayed. Voila!

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