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What do you do with a degree in Cultural Studies? (besides of course, look at it)

Asked by Raean (167points) March 30th, 2009

I’m returning to school to pursue a degree in Cultural Studies with a concentration in Creatvie Writing. I’m a freelance writer but want to become a book editor. Anybody have any idea how to break into that field?

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You might want to rethink becoming a book editor, at least with regard to the printed word. With a degree in Cultural Studies, there are many fields open to you, such as museums, libraries and international corporations.

One way people are finding to break into a new career today is begin their own business, and find clients from scratch. You could try the intern route, either for pay, or as a volunteer.

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makes good origame(sic) paper….

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I’m already working as an intern for a poetry magazine. Do you have more specific suggestions when it comes to libries, museums and corporations?

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what do you do with a degree in just about anything these days? I’m going to be using my history degree to keep my cardboard box lined and warm.

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copied from internet sources: A major in Cultural Studies can prepare students for careers in community arts and cultural organizations, art and science museums, regional and ethnic museums, local, state and federal arts and cultural agencies, popular arts settings, cultural tourism, policy and research institutes which provide insight for these agencies.

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If your interest is in museums, there are also degrees in Museum Studies offered by art schools, liberal arts colleges, and public universities. Cultural Studies sounds like a safe way to go though. What poetry magazine are you interning for?

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Neat! I’ve heard of Smartish Pace but never checked it out before. Fancy!

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Not many people have! Spread the word! It’a actually a pretty cool site and magazine!

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crap your pants and go back to school

Most of my friends have B.A. in Ethnic Studies.
Most of them went on to obtain a different Master’s Degree. (quite a few chose art, others education).

You can effectively do research. You can open a nonprofit.

@Yarnlady did some good research but let me tell you from experience, there are VERY few jobs in those areas at this time. Although I’m hoping for more to open up.

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