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Do you share Fluther discussions with your family and/or friends?

Asked by essieness (7698points) March 30th, 2009

This discussion came up at dinner. Luckily, I have an open family who spend a lot of time together and like to talk about, well, everything. It was brought up at dinner that perhaps some people become so involved in their online activities, like Fluthering, that their families and/or friends miss out on their companionship or interesting conversations. I tend to remember especially interesting questions and try to bring them up to friends and my family if they’re appropriate for the situation because they can spark interesting debates with those close to me.

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I’m new to fluther and i have actually thought about inviting family to’s a great site. but, they’ll recognize my responses and there are certain topics i’d prefer to be open about and i don’t necessarily want them to view my responses. so, for the moment, fluther is my vicarious pleasure (one of them…)

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Yep.. a co-worker and close friend is on fluther, and my daughter is here too, so we talk about it frequently.

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yes, since I have been in constant tabbing and typing, he has noticed this and has asked me why I was no longer on the other site, so I explained everything to him, including some of the posts
he likes the price of weed q

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$0 for me…i have friends (and, i don’t inhale!)

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Yup. With my wife (who is on here occasionally herself).

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No, especially not with my wife.

shhh, here she comes…

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Actually I have. The ones that I shared were actually regarding them. It was interesting to see how they responded. They are open and were interested in everyone had to say.

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I talk to my husband about the discussions, all the time. Right now, he’s too stuck on another forum to join, but I think he’ll eventually join. Our point of views can be very different, on certain issues, it would be very interesting to see us both answer some of the questions. It’s probably a good thing that he hasn’t been on, for a few questions, just seeing his physical reaction to some of the opinions, I thought his head was going to pop off. My daughter jumps into some of the conversations, as well. I would love to see their reaction if they were on the site.

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there is the recommendation of many that one should never provide information on the net that one would not want to share with, for example, business partners or colleagues or family, for the very reason that many employers and head hunters actively seek to discover any skeletons about candidates that might cause issues in the workplace. you know, the spring break photos someone posts that everyone at work learns about. i guess one’s willingess to share whatever they may post is inversely correlated to their, um, wild or otherwise somewhat unconventional sides. so even if your spouse might be cool and open your boss may not be so cool and open.

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I occasionally share something I picked up here, but without attribution.

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I often ask for Hubby’s input on various fluther discussions.

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@Jeruba…You have my express permission to attribute, to me, anything I have said. I stand here unashamed of my poor taste and horrific grammar.

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Nope. When I talk to my family and friends, we mainly talk about what’s happening in our off-line lives.

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I do tell my friends, and sometimes I can actually get them to join! Every time I mention it to my boyfriend though he always says “Wait what? Fluth—what?” he can be annoying :) Of course I have a offline life but I use Fluther to answer questions from my off-line life, so why not share the answers?

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Well considering I just joined yesterday.. there hasn’t really been an opportunity.

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What happens on Fluther stays on Fluther.

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here! here!

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I only share Fluther with my husband. We discuss a lot of the questions with our sons and my husband is trying to get our oldest son to join, but he hasn’t been successful.

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I talk to my hubby quite often about various discussion I have online. Sometimes just to have a good discussion, sometimes to vent, and sometimes to ask his input. He fully accepts my online life and only gets upset when I start getting worked up over something happening online (as happens to me on occassion, lol) because he doesn’t think I need more stress in my life, LOL.

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I do share with my friends.
In fact, I printed out the dialogue between Harp and I on Oneness and Buddhism.

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@fireside that sounds like a good discussion :)

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@RedPowerLady – Start somewhere around here in Hobbes’ “What is Religion?” thread.

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@fireside Thanx checking it out as I type and procrastinate preparing for my interview tomorrow, lol

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Sure, but I don’t tell them they’re Fluther questions, just “something I saw on the internet”.

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@RedPowerLady – good luck with your interview!

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Only a few questions with a few people..
My fiancee has gotten to know a few of my favorite jellies through my “stories”...
she wants to kill a certain jelly’s ex BF for sending an e-mail asking for money… that makes 2 of us :p

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I’ve definitely brought up information and amusing anecdotes that I’ve seen on fluther when speaking to my family, but I don’t discuss the actual process itself with them. I’ve also asked questions that have come up in conversation with my family on fluther.

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Two of my children are members, and I often discuss the happenings here with my husband. Beyond that, I usually do it like @Dansedescygnes does… ‘something I saw online’.

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I do discuss things with my family that I encounter here. I usually just refer to it as “one of the forums on the internet”, but I think some of the questions and more importantly, the answers are worthy of further discussion. My husband does not internet AT ALL, so sometimes I feel it incumbunt upon me to help him along with some of the fascinating things I run up on.

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Only if they see me mid-Fluthering.

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My wife occasionally asks me about fluther, but I write about so many different things and my brain is so porous that it’s hard for me to remember what went on that day. Also, the issues don’t seem so urgent in rl as they do in vl.

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I’ve suggested it to a family member but don’t know if they’re here, they don’t know my identity. Same goes for friends, I’ve passed the site address along and left it as that. People I know on fluther now, most of them I knew from a different Q&A site.

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lots of bad people are on the internet and my moms the only one who knows about fluther, she doesnt know exactly why i go on but i dont think she wants to, some of my friends who use msn hotmail want to keep their conversations private its the same with fluther. im not planning to do anything except answer\ask :)

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Sometimes. Especially when I have no clue why they want me to edit a simple question.
Do they respond to comments?

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I tend to keep my online life quite separate from my ‘real’ life. I can’t think of the reason why I do this but I do tend to compartmentalise my life into work, friends, family etc

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