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In 1,000 years, when the early 21st century is studied, what will they say is the best art that we are currently producing?

Asked by TheIowaCynic (582points) March 30th, 2009
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I think there is some stunning architecture that will stand the test of time. Maybe the structures themselves won’t be around, but the designs will be. Check out these Calatrava designs and this one The Spire may never be built, but the design will be around forever.

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It is unfortunate but I think that our advertising will be viewed as our early 21st century art. I shudder to think what some of the “best” will be.

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@Blondesjon Yes! I think you’re 100% correct. I think our movies will be remembered as well, but advertising…’re right on the money. Great art has always been advertising and these days are no different. Advertising attracts the best artistic talent. I only disagree in that I don’t think there’s anything unfortunate about it

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Considering the primitive resources they had isn’t it amazing how what those people created with “fractuals”?

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@TheIowaCynic…Art is meant to sell emotion, not product.

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@Blondesjon are you telling me that there’s a difference?

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@TheIowaCynic…For me there is.

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@Blondesjon Art is meant to make people connect with things. It’s made to draw them into a scene or an idea. When Michaelangelo crafted the David, he was paid for it by people seeking to sell an idea. It’s the same relationship that exists between patrons and advertising artists today.

Art has always been a commodity. Modern artists deceive themselves into thinking that art is something else.

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@TheIowaCynic…I don’t mind an artist getting paid for his art. I do mind an artist that tries to use his art to extract money from me.

An idea is very different from a product. For example: personal freedom is not the same as a Big Mac.

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I believe that it will either be in architecture or modern art, the kind of art that you look at and say, “I could do that…” because it is so simple and complex at the same time.

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