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Do you look at people in the locker room?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) March 30th, 2009

you just finished a sweaty workout at the gym and head for the’re guys in the locker room and you’re naked. OR you’re women in the locker room and you’re naked. do you look at his/her physique without being noticed? ogle? give the eye?

do others in the locker room gross you out? like me, do you just look straight ahead and nowhere else?

how do you go on with your locker room necessities without just “happening” to notice or see?

do you look the other way? is it all eye contact? do you gaze? do you get caught looking? did you mean to get caught looking?

what is locker room etiquette when you are down to the buff and shivvies?

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Only the ones who stand in front of the peep hole.

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I’m extremely modest person but sometimes I do find myself looking. Not for any particular reason mostly because it bothers me to be around so many naked strangers. It’s kinda like the phenomenon when you see something odd you can’t help but stare. And sometimes I do see something odd, lol. I don’t think nudity should bother me but like I said I’m extremely modest.

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I don’t change in the main area. I grab my stuff, go to the shower area and hope that a “single shower” is free. I live very close to the gym – I can go home and shower. I look straight ahead and don’t gaze, at all. I’ve hated locker rooms, forever!

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@cak i concur. i try to be covered as much as possible. i don’t want nobody seeing me and i don’t want to see nobody. some dudes just walk around in the buff. i cannot do it and i will not look…

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I don’t look. I keep my head down and dress as fast as possible. It makes me uncomfortable to be looking at someone, as if I would be thought to be comparing myself to them.

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Funny, woman in their 20’s to 40’s at my gym that cover themselves up (or hide themselves) as best as they can. It’s the older ladies that walk around nekkid with their
chesticles swinging for all of the world to see.

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@jmah Thanks, now that image is burnt in my brain right before bed time.

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@charliecompany34…“Hi I’m Paulie the Penis. And I just love to have fun. Ha Ha Ha.”

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I surely do

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@jmah – oh yes. You just described one of the ladies, to a “t.”

@chyna….I have the same image in my mind, now!

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Yes, but I don’t see anyone naked.

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Well if that old man dangles his yam bag in front of my face as I’m bending over and tying my sneakers I hit him in the taint.

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That image is going to haunt my nightmares…

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@SeventhSense man-taints are pretty tough…

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@SeventhSense – I just read what you said to my husband, he is laughing, he said that is absolutely hysterical; however, he is also completely grossed out. You rock!

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@Facade…I believe the heat tiles on the space shuttle are synthetic man-taint.

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I look, but do it discreetly (I hope). How often do you get to see “real” bodies? It’s kinda nice to have a comparison point after seeing airbrushed crap all the time.

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Ya but @Likeradar says we can learn a thing or two about acceptance from those oldtimers

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@Likeradar Love your response!

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I try to sneak into the womens locker room so I can look at the ladies. I refrain from looking at men because I’m no ball gazer.

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lol….“ball gazer”...that’s a great term…

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@Bluefreedom I thought that said “ball guzzler”

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I tend to look at the other ladies, I don’t do it in skeevy way..just out of curiousity. Usually its full of very elderly women, and it makes me wonder if I’ll have a body like that one day.

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