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What is a reasonable price that a college senior with lots of babysitting experience should charge for a babysitting job?

Asked by dans85 (109points) November 28th, 2006
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where do you live
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i live in seattle and i would say 12 for here, maybe more for nyc or cali or somewhere more expensive!
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St. Louis
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it depends on the age of the kids
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For an infat/toddler I would say 15/hour
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For school-aged kid/kids I would say 12-15/hour
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Oakland CA: If it's just a simple babysitting job I would say $10/hr. We have a professional nanny whom we share with another family. Our professional nanny charges $16/hr for a single child and $10/hr if there are two kids (one from each family).
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Depending on the number of kids, I say 15/hr is the going rate now for an experienced babysitter, though in New York and now here in LA I get 20/hr
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I think you can charge $12-15/hour in St. Louis as long as people will pay you that! If people stop calling you to know you are charging too much! Once they meet you and know how responsible you are...hopefully they will be willing to cough up the big buckos!
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I don't think you should charge more than 10 unless you have some kind of special training or provide tutoring or something. Just plain ol' babysitting usually goes for around 10.
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I am a nanny in Arizona and i charge $13/ hour for 1–2 kids and $15 for 3–4 kids. The important part is that you make it worth it for you, you don’t want to end up resenting your job.

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