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If you speak a different language, have you ever dreamt in that language?

Asked by FGS (1932points) March 30th, 2009

I dream in German on occasion.

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Yes, I do dream in English a lot! (I’m a native Spanish speaker)

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@flameboi Do find it weird when you wake up? Like you live some other life?

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Yes, but I don’t think it’s weird. I speak a second language because my parents come from a different country. However, they and other family members typically speak to me in the second language, so it is only natural that they will speak the same language. It gets weird when completely random people start speaking a different language.

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@shared3 What else do you speak?

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When I was studying German, I dreamed in German. The same was true a little bit when I was working on Japanese and Sanskrit. I don’t think I ever dreamed in Latin or French.

When I’m on a jigsaw puzzle rip, as I have been lately, I dream in jigsaw puzzle pieces. The dream images are literally cut into interlocking pieces and have to be assembled.

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@Jeruba I used to fall asleep to the sight of falling Tetris pieces…...

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I spoke Spanish when I was a kid, I’ve dreamt in it before. I think it’s only because I was so young when I learned it that it’s in my head still. When I wake up, I remember phrases, I’ve written them down occasionally to see if I can translate them, and they’re pretty simple but usually pretty decent in the grammar department. I know it’s still in there somewhere.

I ‘lost’ my Spanish by the time I was eight.

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@asmonet Its still there, you just have to find it again.

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yes, i often dream in russian.

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Yes. I had a dream where I explained something to someone in french. I was fluent again!!!

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Mostly in mothertongue.
I know three languages, two more a little aquainted with. But, I use my mothertongue most of the times.

Unfortunately/fortunately, my dreams are dumb; there’s no much use of talking, only action!

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A couple of times, but not often. My Greek is very fluent, so depending on context, I might dream in Greek (if for example I am in Greece in the dream). I have often dreamt in German too. Most of the times though the dreams do not have a particular language, at least not one that I can remember. They’re more ideas.

One night last November, my daughter was sleeping in my bed when suddenly she started shouting “moje! moje!” (which means “mine” in Polish). She’d been very possessive about stuff, and especially me, while we were in Poland. I was not allowed to play with her friend, it made her jealous.

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Absolutely. If I am dreaming about a situation that happened in Japan I am speaking Japanese. Sometimes I will wake up and wonder what a word meant. Was it real or is it something I forgot.

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I studied in Costa Rica for a while and I remember always thinking of dreaming in another language as an accomplishment of fluency. I actually dreamnt more in Spanish after I came home, rather than while I was there, which is interesting.

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