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So where is Steve Jobs now anyway?

Asked by asow92 (17points) March 31st, 2009

It’s been a few months since Steve took a leave due to his health.
I’m just wondering tho; what of him now???

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In some weird rejuvenation stasis chamber only gazillionairs have access to, being injected with ground up babies….

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Well, the WWDC is happening in June, so if we don’t see him on stage there, I guess we’ll know something’s a bit strange.

As for where he is now, I imagine he’s somewhere recovering. Perhaps TMZ or other paparazzi sites have tracked him out and about or at home.

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I seem to recall having read they’ve announced that he won’t be there already. Or am I totally off on that one?

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He is preparing for the next season of “Dancing With The Stars.” WTF WOZ??

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Lol JP

It’s the Wozniak conspiracy

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I hope he surfaces in June. Personally, I admire the man and I hope he’s getting healthy, and also, I have a ton of AAPL. :)

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I bought a shitload AAPL at $212 about February last year. Don’t even get me started!

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I heard he was preparing his cryogenic chamber in Cinderella’s castle next to Walt Disney.

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I wouldn’t be surprised. In all actuality, the fact that he survived before is a wonder. Maybe kevbo can enlighten us :)

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I don’t think it even hit $212. I believe $202 is the highest point it’s reached.

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actually, you could be right! It was a bit more than 202 but less than 212.

Enough to dearly want to forget that episode lol

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I hope you didn’t sell yet. Hold for the long term. Apple is a great company and will go way up when things recover.

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I did, at $82 :(

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OUCH! Heavy losses.

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AAPL was by far not the worst. This was my portfolio at the time:


I’m all about value investing, but by the time I sold everything roughly 70% of my networth were gone. Total panic.

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From now on, buy low and sell high :)

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Yeah, I was thinking the same thing LOL

LETRX hit me worst

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I should write that down… Buy when it’s low, sell when it is high. Interesting.~

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what a bizarre and outlandish concept, isn’t it? :)

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They may have announced such a thing, TaoSan. I’m not an Apple fangirl, so I don’t really pay attention every time Apple farts :)

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I heard he was expected back in June. Thats when he said he would return.

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