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Does anyone know where I can find an insulated coffee mug that is not made for a cup holder?

Asked by IchtheosaurusRex (8671points) March 31st, 2009

I’m looking for an insulated, lidded coffee mug that holds at least 12 oz. and is broader at the base than it is at the mouth. All the ones I can find nowadays are made to fit those stupid cup holders they put in cars, and I hate them. They don’t hold enough coffee, and they tip over too easily.

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Amazon has a few. There are a lot of those tall narrow ones, but I saw a few more “portly” mugs.

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@Les , thanks for the link. I know I looked there before, but they have some newer ones since I last checked. The one I’m looking for was made by Alladin, and is shaped something like a Mercury or Gemini spacecraft. I wish I had a picture of it. I have one of these and it’s getting old.

I’ve go another one that is dome-shaped, with the fat part on the bottom and a cylindrical top. Only one of those as well; I had two but the handle broke on one of them. Can’t remember the make, but I got them at Target quite a few years ago. It’s not as good as the Alladin, but I’d settle for one like it.

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I know exactly which one you’re talking about. LoL, Mercury spacecraft One of the engineers in my department has one just like that. I bought one a long time ago from Dunkin Donuts that was sort of like that, too. I wish they were easier to find.

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It doesn’t quite fit your description but I have one of these

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@Lightlyseared , Ti – nice. No lid though. Hard to drive with. I can set my Alladin on the dashboard and it will stay there unless I want to drag race somebody.

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