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How can I make all the junk calls stop?? (Several times a day, always about "my car warranty"... I have never owned a car.)

Asked by marmoset (1100points) March 31st, 2009

They come from different numbers so I can’t just block a single number, but they always leave the same automated voicemail that my car warranty may have expired. They’re coming to an AT&T cell phone (I never had any junk calls on my Sprint phone). I hesitate to call AT&T because they have been horrible w/ other customer service and I don’t expect this is their responsibility.

What could be the difference and how could I make this stop? This is a new number for a phone that I got three months ago. I don’t get any junk calls except from this @#$%$ car warranty place.

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You want to speak to AT&T’s abuse department who will be able to track down the caller and file a complaint.

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Register here:

When they call, tell them you are on the Do Not Call registry and that they had better not call anymore. This is a governmental service, and the callers can be fined 500$ and up for each violation. [not sure about the amount, but I heard it’s some amount like that.]

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I should’ve been clearer… there’s never a human on the other end, and there’s not one number the calls come from but many numbers (some 800 numbers, some with standard area codes).

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The National Do Not Call Registry gives you a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls at home. Most telemarketers should not call your number once it has been on the registry for 31 days. If they do, you can file a complaint. You can register your home or mobile phone for free.

If you add your number to the registry, you will receive no calls, even from the robots.

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The only way we could live with this was to get an answering machine. We receive about five calls a day from solicitors (even on Sunday).

We only pick up the phone when it is a friend or a relative calling. I hope you have better luck than us.

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This is a big scam going on, and I’m not really sure if you can do anything to stop the calls from coming in. We here in Canada have been hit hard by it, and it seems the crooks are from the States and have accessed our Do Not Call registry and have purposely used the numbers on it to call and spam. How lame!

Of course, it’s been happening in the States as well.

Here’s one method for reducing their impact on your life.

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one thing I’ve now found by googling is that Do Not Call definitely does not work against these folks. as dynamicduo says, this is a unique situation that no one really knows what to do about.

It points out a serious lack on cell phones (every phone know at least)—they don’t have rules about ringing. You can’t specify, for example, “only ring if the number is already in my contacts list or in area codes X or Y.” Sadly a silent ringtone is not the answer for people whose phones are also their media players, beacuse the audio will stop and you’ll be alerted to the incoming call no matter what.

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We get these car warranty calls on our lines at work. Very annoying. Don’t know how to stop them. If you keep listening, there’s an option to “press 2” to be taken off the list, but this has not helped.

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I’m also getting these calls…on my cell and my home phone. It’s really annoying as hell! But, this is nothing compared to the hundreds of spam messages I receive in my email inbox each day. Grrrrrr!

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I can’t attest for AT&T, but on my Verizon Wireless cellphone, I have recorded a voice mail message that says “you have reached (my number). If I do not recognize your number, I will not answer your call. If you do not leave a message, I can’t call you back. Have a great day.” I have not been bothered by any unsolicited calls. Perhaps the caller is calling for the former owner of your number since you say it is fairly new. Also, if they leave a contact phone number, call and ask for the supervisor and explain your dilemma. Otherwise, just ignore the calls. Just because the phone rings doesn’t mean you HAVE to answer it.

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I used to get those car warranty messages on my house phone. I used my machine to screen the calls, but it still annoyed me because they would leave long annoying messages. Pressing 2 to be removed didn’t help, I would even go along with it just to get a live person. They were so rude, they would just hang up on me when I told them to stop calling. Finally I just got rid of my house phone. I haven’t received any on my cell (I also have at&t) but if I do I’m going to be super pissed.

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@elijahsuicide – Can you imagine how pissed I am in getting these calls on a cellphone whose number has only been distributed via voice to less than 5 people?

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I’m agree with @squirbel. I used to get the car warranty messages too (and I’ve never owned a car that was in warranty of course!) and after I put my cell phone number on the federal do not call list, I haven’t gotten a single one since.

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Funny story, we used to get those calls to and my husband answered the call one time and pushed the button to talk to someone, the person on the line says, “what is the make and model of your car?” He says, “you just called ME to tell me the warranty on my car is about to expire and YOU don’t know what kind of car I have?” And then he hung up the phone.

I told them not to call and pressed the button, but my father-in-law said never do that because then they know someone is on the end of the line and they’ll harrass you more. We didn’t pick up the phone when they called and they eventually stopped calling.

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you can just tell them to take your name off the list, that does it for me

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Go to the site and file a formal complaint online. Here is the form .
Do it. That is the only way to really make it stop.

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Had the same problem for months. They just stopped on their own. Don’t answer the call.

I see @miasmom handled it the same way with the same results.

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I’m not answering the calls… the issue is that the rings interrupt my work because they could be legit calls. they can’t be blocked or assigned a silent ringtone because they come from different numbers every time, at different times of day. Every day! Half my calls legit, half from this one company.

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The do not call registry works for us – we were receiving 9 and 10 unsolicited calls before. Now we do not get any.

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@marmoset that stinks. I wish you luck, but if you look on the net, you’ll find MANY people have the problem with them.

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I was angry at the intrusion and wanted to do everything possible get back at them.
I figured it was worth donating an hour out of my life to being the biggest “pain in the a—” customer they ever called.
I wrote out the transcript of the call with everything said and all the information I could collect and put it in a word document. Then I was able to cut and paste it easily into the FCC and Verizon customer complaint site. (See my earlier post here.)
If we all did it this annoying practice would stop. The calls stopped immediately.
You need to document that you said “I am not interested. Please do not call here again. Please take me off your list and all associated lists.”
We do not want our phones turning into spam collectors like our emails.

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