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If someone asked you how they could live a happier life, what advice would you give them?

Asked by The_Compassionate_Heretic (14611points) March 31st, 2009
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Participate: as much and as often as possible.

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Be content with who you are. Live simply. Help your neighbor and get a sense of humor.

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don’t try to be like Homer Simpson…it will only get you killed

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Find peace and harmony within yourself before venturing out into the world and making a difference there.

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* Be as healthy as you can

* For hurts hardships, make a formula: for however many years you suffered, each year past that time until the years are equal, let yourself hurt and learn. Once the years suffered and years passed have equalled, tell yourself you’re free.

* For joyous things: cherish the best parts, train your brain to recognize those things as you live so you can start to gravitate to them almost unconsciously.

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Make a plan for attaining goals that you believe will make you happy. Surround yourself with happy people. Live your life and enjoy the time that you have been granted. Be realistic about things that you have no control of and learn to accept and love who you are. Most importantly, you should know that you deserve to be happy, don’t allow anyone to tell you otherwise.

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Be as forgiving of your shortcomings as you are of the shortcomings of others. You’re human, too.

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“Money matters, but less than we think and not in the way that we think. Family is important. So are friends. Envy is toxic. So is excessive thinking. Beaches are optional. Trust is not. Neither is gratitude.”

-from The Geography of Bliss by Eric Wiener

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Don’t worry about keeping up with the Jones’ All you will get is debt and strife. Try to laugh everyday, even if you have to watch Family Guy to do it. (That show is nuts, but even I can find something to laugh at, even to say WTF was that?!!) Life is to short not to enjoy it. It does not matter if that last load of laundry gets done if your spouse or kids want to cuddle for a bit. AND Take a deep breath and know that no matter what happend today, tomorrow is another day.

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lol eric wiener…if weiner was my last name I’d be unhappy too

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Get a cat and be really nice to it.

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Start a gratitude journal, and count your blessings daily.

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I would say, “Stop caring about what most other people think of you and your choices.”

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If something is bothering you, find out what it is and take care of it ASAP, rather than worry about it. Procrastination leads to deterioration.

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As stated be content with who you are. I had a brother pass last year this month with pancreatic cancer. So sad his last words to me was that he regretted his gay lifestyle. I would say enjoy your hobbies to the fullest, and if you find something that makes you feel good then stay with it.

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Don’t dwell on the past, and don’t live only for the future. Enjoy what you have right now.

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I made a pledge to myself to be happy every day for the rest of my life. I works for me. Try it.

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Live fully in every moment. Rest enough. Achieve what you need to. Make the most of living.

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My favorite:
1. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
2. It’s all small stuff.

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Be compassionate, try and find a purpose that fulfills you, and others.
Try to live in the present, accept pain and suffering as part of life, learn to laugh and enjoy the little things.

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just live your life one day at a time.
dont be too much of a people-pleaser
be able to laugh at yourself
but be able to see the good, too

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@NaturalMineralWater What about “don’t sweat the petty stuff, and don’t pet the sweaty stuff.” haha

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@essieness The last part ruins it for me. xD

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Quit trying so hard.

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Two things:

1) Count your blessings and be grateful in everyday life
2) Help others and put smiles on their faces :-)

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