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I'm in the market for a new laptop. Are there any types you recommend?

Asked by The_Compassionate_Heretic (14596points) March 31st, 2009

I’m not beholden to PC or Mac here.

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I have many recommendations. They vary depending on what your criteria are. So please enlighten us into some of the things you want to be able to do with this laptop, and what some of the important features are to you.

For example, do you value portability? Power? Battery life? Ease of use? Do you intend to do web surfing or video editing? Document writing or 3D rendering?

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If you’re looking for a bag of hurt for under $1,000, and you’re not cool enough for a Mac, consider an HP Pavilion.

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Don’t get an Acer!!!!
I had one that never worked from the time I bought it. Even sent itback to the company several times and it still didn’t work. Most worthless piece of junk I ever got suckered into buying.

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Oh, and I’d recommend the Apple types.

I work on a variety of computer platforms and operating systems every day. And having recently bought a (refurb’d) Apple MBP, it’s done nothing but exceed my expectations.

I also own an older iMac and an iPod Touch. So my expectations were specific and direct. The unibody MBP is really quite incredible.

If you’re really looking for something disposable or temporary or otherwise inconsequential, then yah… go get a netbook or something. But if you’re wanting to do real work in a sustainable way, then you need not look past the Apple logo.

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I am a mac person for sure, but they definitely come with a higher price tag ($1,100 and up). If you are looking for something much cheaper I have had great luck with the HP DV6000 and DV9000.

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I’ve had good experiences with various Dell Inspiron models for the pc. The unfortunate side-effect of most of the pc-laptops, though, is having vista come as the standard OS if you’re not a fan. I haven’t had experience with macs, but plenty of people seem quite taken with them.

Macs used to be the go-to for digital art and media, but these days pc’s have caught up quite competently, so I’m not sure that aspect should play a part in your choice of one versus the other.

Stay away from Toshibas, they have a history of problems with the aluminum framing causing problems with shutting down the computer (shorting out?), as well as a weak connection between the battery and power supply.

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What do the people you will turn to for support when it breaks recommend?

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@robmandu – that’s the same computer I just bought about a month ago. I LOVE IT!!!

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I leaning towards a MacBook at this point.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Going with the MacBook is a great choice, you will not be disappointed. One thing that no one has asked yet is, what the primary function of this laptop is going to be?

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I’m an IT professional as well as an artist so those factors are big in any computer purchase.

I like gaming but I have a desktop for that purpose.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic it sounds like the MacBook is right up your alley. I have a 13” MacBook that I upgraded to 4 gigs and it is the computer I live/die by.

Also if you aren’t opposed to buying a used Mac I have been seeing a ton of MacBook Pros on Craigslist, they are usually in the old style (see the new style here), I bought one for my office not to long ago for $700, I was amazed how cheap people have been selling them.

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Thanks @drClaw & thanks for the input everyone!

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I’d reccomend a MacBook or MacBook Pro depending on your needs.

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