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How can i change the sound output for a macbook so i can use speakers in an airport?

Asked by judyprays (1309points) March 31st, 2009

when i go to Sound under System Preferences, Internal Speakers are my only option. i just want to be able to play my music through speakers plugged into an airport. HOW!??! (this seems like such a simple question, googling it only finds more complicated trouble shooting)

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If you have the speakers plugged into the Airport Express, at the very bottom right of your iTunes window, select the remote speakers. If there is no option there, something is not set up right.

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THAT WORKS!!!!!!!! amazing!!!! but what about through safari?

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I believe that only iTunes will send sounds to the remote speakers. The rest of the compter sounds will continue to go through the built in speakers.

There is an application or something that can send the computer sounds to the remote speakers, but I cannot recall the name right now. I do remember that costs money too. I’ll find the link for ya…

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thank you thank you!

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Found it…it’s called Airfoil.

Glad to help!

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Airfoil is the way to go!

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