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Have there ever been questions on fluther you found offensive, or have annoyed you?

Asked by KalWest (1389points) April 1st, 2009

I get a little irked when a question masquerades (in my eyes) as an innocent inquiry but actually (again, in my eyes) perpetuates bigotry. For example: questioning the validity of the holocaust. I mean, come on!

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I think my eyes sort of automatically scan over and ignore them.

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I would say so. I dislike questions that are started just so people can rant about something but masquerade as some other type of question. I also dislike the ones you are talking about, very much so. btw i don’t think this is one of those annoying rant questions because you are very upfront about your intentions which is awesome

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I agree with RedPowerLady. I can’t speak for this site so much, but on at least I’d see people post questions that seemed general, but were masking an attack against a certain user. Those are the worst.

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I tend to skip them. Some people try to word them in “unique” ways, but most of us can see right through the phone facade. It’s best not to indulge the trolls. Just head over to the chatroom for the shit talking. Wait, did I say that?

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Yes, there have been a few. But very rarely, and I usually get over it pretty fast. I’m still not over this one yet, though.

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Lots of times, questions usually starting with “why” as in

“Why are all Americans so stupid?”

I find this very offensive, it’s not just all Americans that are so stupid, the rest of us are stupid too you know, we should not be ignored! Power to the People!

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“btw i don’t think this is one of those annoying rant questions because you are very upfront about your intentions which is awesome”
Thanks ;-)

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I hate when people ask questions that they know the answer to or ask questions that are just to make themselves feel better. I’ve seen a few “Why don’t people like me?” type questions that are better whined about to friends irl. Masking your own insecurities as a question doesn’t incite discussion, and it’s just annoying. Everybody hates trolling questions, and there have been a few threads that I’ve been involved in that have gotten out of hand because people are petty and immature, and I find that those quips detract from the integrity and fun of the site even more than trolling questions.

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Yes, I have seen a few questions that I choose to ignore.

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In the almost 6 months that I’ve been a member of Fluther, I’ve come across many questions that I’ve found annoying and in those instances, I didn’t give them any attention and I ignored them outright. It was the right thing to do.

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Yes, a few. Especially this one. I’m amazed how many great questions it received.

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I hate the questions that are a veiled manipulative ploy to either get people to feel sorry for the asker or to give the asker attention. And people get sucked in.

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I can ignore most of them, but the religious ones seem to suck me in when I see ignorant comments that perpetuate poorly conceived stereotypes.

It’s pretty easy to spot those people who just post questions so that they have a forum to spout their opinions, luckily the mods do a good job of getting rid of the abusers.

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I try to give some questions the benefit of the doubt. I have been guilty of asking a biased question or two myself, but I try very hard to incite actual discussion and keep the mudslinging in private comments. What I have found that some of these questions do incite interesting discussion, it’s just that the asker keeps trying to maintain his/her agenda. Then I get pretty pissed.

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@jonsblond for some reason, I’ve seen several asked by that questioner that I find offensive.

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@jbfletcherfan I’m glad that I’m not the only one.

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@jonsblond Oh, no, you’re not. whew, I was afraid I’d be blown out of the water for THAT quip. Thanks!

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@jonsblond and @jbfletcherfan: I tend to be offended by her responses as well…
Anyone remember this one?

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@KatawaGrey OMG!!!!!!!!!!! And TWO people gave her ‘great answer’????!!!! WOW!

That happened before I was on here regularly. Glad I DIDN’T see it at the time. I’d have said something about that!!! How shallow!!

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@jbfletcherfan: Amen to that. She tends to have responses like that.

Okay, the fear of the mods has just been awoken. I’m going to stop the mudslinging and slink back to my acting homework.

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@KatawaGrey I hear you. I, too, have to get out of this chair & go get ready for work.

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I hope the mods don’t feel this question is inflammatory. It’s not meant to be.

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@KalWest I don’t see a problem with your question. Maybe a few of us should not have included a link to the questions that offend us, then it wouldn’t look like a witch hunt.

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Looks like so far, so good. crossing fingers

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@fireside quote: but the religious ones seem to suck me in when I see ignorant comments that perpetuate poorly conceived stereotypes.

I agree.

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You people are all a bunch of wimps. I’m going to ask the mods to remove this entire question! (april fools)

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@Yarnlady Oh dang you got me on my other question. I really thought that was a rule. I was trying to figure out what the a/f meant next to your comment. LOL

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LOL I love the expression “you people”

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