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My Dad was on a flight and the pilot announced that they’d landed in completely the wrong country. That quite amused me.

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I took a wooden dowel, sharpened one end, colored it yellow, colored the tip black, and put an eraser on the end. Then I placed it in the teachers pencil cup and watched as they tried to write with it.

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I don’t have many at all. Once my parents woke me to tell me that my dad had crashed into my car in our driveway. This was during a summer home from college. This morning my boss sent out an e-mail regarding the remodeling in our office saying we would be in our temporary cubicles (which is hellish) for another 36 months. He’s a funny guy…

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I got a lottery ticket with last week’s winning numbers and had my son record the lottery drawing for that week. When we played the lottery drawing, my sister thought she had won 11 million dollars. It was priceless…

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OMG!!! I just lost all my lurve!!!!
What happened!!!!!!!!

this will make far less sense tomorrow

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I was born on April 1st, seriously, I was exactly one month early. I’d say I got my mom, on that one!

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@cak – Happy Birthday!

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@fireside when I logged on today I totally fell for that. No joke. Seriously.

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@cak Haha, it’s one of my friends birthdays too. A few of us are going to accidentally forget to meet her for lunch like we had planned to.

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I was supposed to be born today, but instead I was two days late…that was my little April Fools to my parents.

@cak happy birthday!

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@omfgTALIjustIMDu Thanks. How do you like PnL’s?

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It’s obviously RIGHT NOW. Crazy Fluther gods and their negative lurve!

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@Alliethat is a good one!

@avionathank you!

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I’m such an asshole for my prank today…
Got some blood that had expired from our little outdated “bloo bank” (2 units to be exact), spilled it on the floor of the hall outside the ER… got some on my face and hair…. screamed at the top of my lungs and lay facedown in the puddle.
Nurses came out screaming, no one would touch me, so i sit up all annoyed and asked “why won’t anyone check my fucking pulse?!?!”

I’m going to hell for that

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@Dr_C, Oh you devil. Isn’t that a little unsanitary?

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@omfgTALIjustIMDu more than a little… which is why i’m glad we have showers.

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@Dr_C, Dirty, dirty man ;)

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I’m reporting this question to the mods for being totally against the rule banning social questions! april fools

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@Yarnlady I’m giving you evrul!

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@Yarnlady i’m flagging (and flogging) my own answer!

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Happy birthday Cak!

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@chynathank you!

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@cak Happy happy birthday!

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@Nimis thank you!

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@aviona – Happy Birthday! (it’s been two days, right?)

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I tricked both my dad and sister into thinking a bee had flown into my mouth and stung me on the tougue. I had them going for a while, too.

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Back when I was in high school , I put a sign on the shower door that it was Out Of Service .. and NO ONE took showers after gym class for three periods…

Lots of smelly guys in classes that day .

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