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If you could instantly play any instrument, what would it be - and why?

Asked by Zen (7743points) April 1st, 2009

Without the fuss and muss of lessons – what have you always dreamt of playing: guitar, bass, sax… what is your hidden (musical) personality?

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Actually, in my next life I want to come back as the orchestra leader of the NY Philharmonic. I already play many instruments.

Edit: I DO wish I could sing.

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Guitar. My husband and sons play and I would love to be able to play along with them. I have tried but I have trouble getting my fingers around the neck.

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It’s easy for me two pick up any instrument and play but I would love to have the composing skills of Beethoven.

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Well, um, harp actually. I build the darn things, but couldn’t play one if my life depended on it. I absolutely love its sound and versatility (not a big fan of the schmaltzy arpeggiated styles, but in its Celtic and Paraguayan incarnations it can really rock).

It’s as if I’m making a voice through which others can sing, while I remain mute. I would love, after having birthed one of these things for 6 months, to be able to make it sing myself. My daughter is the family harpist, so I play vicariously through her, and that’s a nice consolation prize.

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Definitely guitar! Because it sounds the best of all instruments! All kinds of guitars.

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BASS! How low can you go…!

Oh, wait, I do mean the electric bass. As much as I love Chuck D’s voice, it’d be a little disconcerting if 5’1” girly me would suddenly bust out with vocals like his.

And piano. I can noodle, but not play, on both instruments. Piano is so versatile. And there’s something about a bass resonating that always gets me moving, I’d like to be able to make sounds like that myself.

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My choice would be drums because I’m a horrible dancer, always moving my body parts in whichever way to different parts of a music score. With drums I could engage all my limbs and several feelings to sound at once, maybe.

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I would choose to play the piano so I could play the solo in my favorite song “Layla”.

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Anne Hathaway, because she is very playable.

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Guitar -> It gets you laid…

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piano. i think once you get that down, it’s easy to figure out other instruments.

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@casheroo Bad answer.

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Bass guitar so I could be hot hot hot like Carlos Dengler.

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@VzzBzz I don’t see that happening. And you smell.

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@Zen: I do smell (some people enjoying rubbing my little feets against their faces) but don’t be so sure about the bass guitar.

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I’ve always wanted to play the guitar, and I dropped my music major because I couldn’t play piano, so either of those. My husband can pick up an instrument and learn it by ear, and it drives me nuts!

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Well, I can play lip-buzzing instruments, plucked/strummed instruments, hand-pounding instruments, and air blowing instruments, but I don’t know reed instruments or bowed instruments.

I’d start with oboe, and if I could get cello thrown in, I would be very happy. Then again, maybe not. Half the fun is in learning to play the thing. Then you respect the skill. If it is given to you free, it’s not like something you’d respect, either in yourself or in other people. That would be really sad.

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I play the piano, the flute, and a little guitar, but I have zero song writing skills. I can sing a little, but not very well, so I guess that’s my pick. I would like to be able to use my vocal instrument… :)

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