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Is there anything that is holding you back from going for what you really want? If so, what is it?

Asked by Jude (32162points) April 1st, 2009

And, what is it that you really want/or want to do?

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Yeah, I’ve been thinking about switching to Yahoo! Answers.. because fluther is teh sux… but they wont let me transfer mah POINTS!

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The lack of money.

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Yeah, lack of money holds me back from a lot. :(

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Yes. Some people in my life. They expect me to do certain things, whether it makes me depressed or not, because in their opinion, that is the way of life. Pffft. Having said that, if i suddenly were to come to have a HUGE sum of money from somewhere, i’d leave and do exactly what i want to do.

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Sufficient money and sufficient time.

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Money and time. What else? I can think of lots of ways to expand my business, but I don’t have the money to do it, and I spend so much time trying to make money for today, that I don’t even really have time to plan as well as I would like for the future.

Aside from business goals, i would love to have more leisure time to read, write and travel. But, you guessed it, the enemies are too little time and money.

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Well I always think it’s money but I was told by a wise friend that it’s never about money because there’s never really a time where there’s enough because this mindset rests upon the illusion of lack. I think it’s more about changing the frame of mind and then the money will come. We believe that happiness, success and contentment are as a result of having those things we lack but the experience of happiness is a result of choosing to be happy. It stands to reason then that the experience of success is to experience success internally and to build strong emmotional internal states that build sequentially upon little accomplishments. We’ve been conditioned to believe that it’s the cart before the horse but I think that it’s the horse of intent which drives the cart of experience. We just strongly resist taking responsibility for our attitudes, instead imagining them to be driven by circumstances.

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@SeventhSense – great answer!

@jmah—great questions. It’s not money, it’s me. I’m second guess myself, too much. I have a great idea, have the backing – if I want it, but I’m second guessing myself to death. Blah!

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Time: to gather the people I want together
Money: to support it all

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I take full responsibility. The only thing holding me back is me.

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MONEY and myself. One minute it sounds like a great idea! and the next I’m totally not into it or can’t get myself to do it and so forth…

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$$$ seems to be the winner.

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I think everyone here is missing an important detail. Everyone can do things to get to what they want, but the only thing stopping each of us is FEAR of losing the norm.

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For me, it’s fear of failing.

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I would seriously love to get my private pilot’s license but I just don’t have the cash flow to make it happen. Someday though.

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It’s called a straight jacket.

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Myself and Marijauana

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The funny thing about this April Fools lurve is that you hesitate before assigning a Bad Answer. It’s like that’s a bad answer right? I mean that’s good right? How funny would it be if they left the negative lurve after tomorrow and we all had to dig ourselves out of a hole to get to zero. :)

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@SeventhSense that would suck. :(

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Who cares.
I’m up in the air on the lurve thing at times and I think it just keeps people around the site. People forget that the website’s mission is traffic plain and simple and people love a game. Mostly it’s comedy or witty retorts that get the lurve anyway which isn’t necessarily bad but there’s a lot of significant well constructed content that’s overlooked and doesn’t always get nearly the lurve that some of it deserves. The one liners have more widespread readability. And I do take issue with those who give nothing but one liners. We all need to put it on the line at times. We need to stretch beyond the lowest common denominator.

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Honor is holding me back. I could get ahead if I cheated and opened a practice on the side.

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