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For Easter, I'm looking for the best tasting jelly bean. What flavor is the best and who makes it?

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) April 1st, 2009
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Jelly Belly and buttered popcorn

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Jelly Belly – Bubble Gum! Or pineapple? Or maybe sour apple? But definitely NOT coconut!

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grape is my pesonal favorite!

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jelly belly – peanut butter and banana (preferably together)

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Jelly Belly FTW.
Cantaloupe, pear, marshmallow, cappuccino… yyummy.

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Toasted marshmallow. (marshmellow? I’ll go with spell check on this one)
So yummy.

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Jelly Belly, Buttered Popcorn!!

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Ah, yes. Toasted marshmallow, In the boxed set.

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@Mr_M You can get it not in the box set too. Target sells the individual flavors. I’m kinda a Jelly Belly fanatic.

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Pear Jelly Belly.

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@Likeradar, did NOT know that!!! Thanks!

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Chilli flavour and i make it .

There was a flavour once i liked horse radish , tho i have not seen it in years

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I’ve heard of jalapeno. Is it safe to say Jelly Belly leaves the other brands in the dirt?

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@Mr_M YES. They don’t even compare, it’s like comparing apples to oranges, or delicious perfect candy to shit.

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OOOO, what you said!

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You’re eating jellies??? MOD ALERT! CANNIBAL!

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Jelly Belly tangerine.

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I like the Starburst jelly beans

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Boo starburst yukky bring back opal fruits way better than starburst .

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@sandy, how do you make chilli flavored jelly beans?

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Combine sugar, corn syrup, anti-foaming elements (such as wax), color, flavor ( chilli powder, Tabasco sauce and various other ingredients in a vat. Boil until the syrup reaches the desired consistency. Then you shape them ( i use tin foil greased shaped to size ) also line the tine foil with some sugar then leave to set. I like my jelly beans to be black and red .

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