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Is there a friend or acquaintance of yours whose style of dress you admire enough to give them a say in what they think looks best on you and if so, has it worked in your favor as far as receiving compliments?

Asked by VzzBzz (2784points) April 1st, 2009

That outfit isn’t working for you

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I’m not a fashionisto or anything. My sis gives me good fashion advice and have gotten compliments as a result.

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I wear my roommate’s clothes, so she knows I think she looks good. :) And this way, I look good too!

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My husband is great at picking out my clothes. He just keeps bringing stuff to the dressing room. I never really see what’s in the store sometimes. Ahhh….. a man who knows how to shop. I hit the jackpot!

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Nope. I’m quite confident in how I dress.

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I have this friend who wears coon skin hats… she can give me advice any time!
Plus @TaoSan said i looked “Posh” in my photobucket pic… so i’m wondering if he’s telling me i need a makeover or if he’s into the look….

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For a while in my thirties I got really big. It just got harder and harder to find clothes that fit and looked alright. Every time I went shopping I’d find that the clothes I liked would have looked good on me “20 or 30 pounds ago” but I couldn’t find similar things in my size.

Anyway, I finally asked a friend who was big to come shopping with me because she always managed to look nice and find clothes that fit even though she was big like I was. It was really helpful and we had a lot of fun. Even though I’m not as big now, if she was in the same town I’d love going shopping with her helping me pick things out again.

And this outfit is definitely working for me, baby. :^>

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My mom always comes to me to borrow outfits, shoes, purses, and accessories. I wouldn’t trust her to put anything together for me though. I do trust a few of my friends opinions.

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Amoebic is a snappier dresser than I am. All my best articles of clothing were her cast-offs.

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Yes, I met her in 1967 and she gave me all the pointers I ever needed. I love these beads and my tie-dye shirt. It’s getting harder to find the hemp I need to make my shoes, but the fringed jeans are still available in dumpsters all over town. Isn’t the design I painted down the side just psychedelic! I lurve ya man!

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There are a lot of people whose style I like.
But that doesn’t always make for a good opinion.

I like asking people who aren’t afraid to really tell me what they think.
And I like asking people whose sense of style appreciation
has a much wider range than their actual style.

Meaning, they could appreciate something that they personally wouldn’t wear.
Sometimes very stylish people can be very much stuck in their own box.

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@Nimis that is very true. Some people don’t understand that certain pieces are for certain body types.

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