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A question about a citizen of Mexico vacationing in the United States...

Asked by jrpowell (40499points) November 20th, 2007

Example: If a Mexican wanted to vacation in New York for a week could they? Can they buy a plane ticket and vacation here? Or is the US totally off limits? Say, a wealthy businessman wants to travel for a few days here could they?

And if they could what would be required?

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A passport.

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Do you know why people risk running across the border if a passport and plane ticket will get them here? Aren’t some of the smuggling operations thousands of US dollars? Or is that the type of thing that only happens on bad episodes of C.S.I.?

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Absolutely they can, but they have to get a tourist visa from the US Embassy in Mexico. And the Embassy is very careful about who they give tourist visas to. Basically, you have to prove that you have something to return home to and that you’re not going to overstay your tourist visa and stay in the US illegally. So your wealthy businessman would have no problem getting a tourist visa—he’d just say, look, I have my business, my family, my round-trip ticket, lots of money, and I’m definitely coming back to Mexico. Other people—especially young and poor people, who are at greater risk for illegal immigration—will not be issued a visa.

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(Wealthier) Mexicans come up all to the time to vacation in Ruidoso, a mountain resort town in southern New Mexico. Whole families, in fact. The excursion can double as a “medical tourism” jaunt if they take advantage of the local hospital’s services, which can be free for those who aren’t billed or who don’t pay.

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