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Do you consider your job a "dead-end job"?

Asked by mikey7183 (338points) April 1st, 2009

if so, why?

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well I’m still here, so pretty much yeah.

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No. I plan to ride this position out until I retire in a few years and I don’t plan on retirement being a dead end for me!

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No I look at it as food, car, house, children’s college tuition, two weeks vacation and entertainment.

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@basp – me, too. I love my job and plan to stay until I can no longer work. Hopefully, I will have a job as long as people break the law, go to jail and appeal their sentences.

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Totally. No chance of promotion, very limited raises. But I like it for now.

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No. My current position puts me a lot of contact with those who’ve got positions I want, lets them observe me in action, maybe look on with favor for when an opportunity presents and I pop up. Also, I come in contact with so many customers- in the past I have been hired away to other jobs through customers. You never know who’s watching you work.

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I hear ya, VS. As far as my ‘career’ I am in the home stretch….Enjoying it while here but looking forward to retirement.

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My boss is a real butt. I’m fairly certain I’ll be stuck in the same position, forever. Wait…I am my own boss.

No, it’s not a dead end position; however, I do have to make sure I keep up with trends in my chosen field. It is all on me, if I don’t keep up.

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Yes and no. There are opportunities for raises and advancement, so it’s not a dead-end job. But I’m not interested in any of the advancement paths out of this job, because most of them involve increasing amounts of people-management, so it’s not a path I want to go down any further.

I keep on thinking that the next step in my career will be to start my own company, but the illusion of job security keeps me here.

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No, I love my job and have yet to hit wall in the 5 (almost 6) years I have been doing it, but then again I have been doing the same thing for the past 5 (almost 6) years. This inspired me to write another question…. How would you define a dead end job?

Thanks @mikey7183, great question….... or should I say “bad question”

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Yes. I’m a mortician.

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I’m a homemaker, what other ‘end’ would there be?

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