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Does anyone know how to retrive a lost password?

Asked by sandystrachan (4407points) April 1st, 2009

To start with i joined a website today, and to protect the name i set up a password. I have now forgotten said password and the site doesn’t offer a password recovery. I don’t want to have to make a account type deal .

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what’s the site?

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I’d like to know this answer as well. The past two weeks have been devoted to canceling memberships with various sites I haven’t used in several years, I have no idea which e-mail addresses I ever used to even set them up. Contacting the sites and going back and forth with information has been successful in all but one, is retarded- they made me sign up a new acct. in order to get rid of the old one (it didn’t work) and now I have two useless entries.

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I have a bookmarklet that will show a password if it is asterisks in the text field. If that isn’t the case I don’t know.

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This would be the site, i really need to get back into it

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My brother showed me a way to get your passwords that are stored on your computer. I guess many of us have a program that stores our passwords.
But dang if I can’t figure out how to get to it myself now. He just pulled it up in like two seconds and it had all my passwords on it. I’ll see if I can find it again but someone here should know how to retrieve that file.

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@RedPowerLady Thanks . Hopefully someone here at this great site can help in some fashion . I hate my inability at remembering such passwords .

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If you use Firefox

Preferences—> Security—> Saved Passwords—> Show Passwords

That is on a Mac.. Windows should be similar.

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@johnpowell this did bring up password thanks…..... But it didn’t bring up the one for :(

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I’d contact the site builders and see what they suggest.
When you posted the link to the site earlier, i thought it seemed a little sparse so I didn’t sign up.

According to the footer, these guys should be the ones to contact.

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Oh, I’m fairly certain someone does.

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@fireside i have sent them an email do you think they will have an answer ( i don’t )

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Not really since they sort of abdicate their responsibility on that page.
But it is better than no contact.

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what happens when you try the wrong password? How many wrong passwords did you try?

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@johnpowell Can I get that bookmarklet? It would be really useful for me…

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@AlfredaPrufrock I tried all night it doesn’t have a limit from what i saw .
@johnpowell afore mentioned bookmark could come in handy, may one such as myself be allowed to have it from you please ? .

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If you contact them and they simply email you your password, I would immediately either stop using the site or change the password to make sure it is not something you use at any other web site. If they can email you your password that means it’s stored on their server unencrypted, and if their site gets hacked then the password of every member will be exposed, and considering a vast majority of people use the same password for every site, they would have access to other sites as well.

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