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How would you define a dead end job?

Asked by drClaw (4452points) April 1st, 2009

This was inspired by @mikey7183 who asked Do you consider your job a dead-end job?

In the middle of answering I realized that I define whether or not I have hit a dead end based on the money I make. However I am sure many people think of it in other terms, for instance you could get an annual raise in pay but if you hate your job that could be considered a dead end or you might enjoy your job very much but maybe your title hasn’t changed in the last 3 years, this also could be considered a dead end

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If there’s little to no opportunity for growth, both personal and professional, it’s a dead-end job.

If you enjoy it and it changes a lot, it can still look like a dead-end, but you’re still enjoying it and there’s enough variety in it to keep you interested, it’s not a dead end.

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Being a Mortician.

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I’m hard pressed to define a “dead end job”. Whatever job experience you get you can put it on a resume and USE IT to get a better job somewhere. It’s all in how you play it. So, to me, no job is “dead end”. And if you’re in the same job for several years, maybe the fault is NOT in the job (hint! hint!)

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It’s up to the asker to do the defining, all we answerers do is answer the question as asked. What do you mean “dead”? What you mean “end”? What do you mean “job”? and what do you mean asking such a straight question on A/F day?

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what cwilbur said.

If I am not growing and each day is the same, it’s a dead end job.

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Been with the company for 3 years and new hired are making more than you.
Been with the company for 3 years and haven’t seen a raise.
Been with the company for 3 years and absolutely dread getting up and going to work.

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A dead end job is one in which you want to advance, do more or make more money. but you’re stuck doing the same job for the same compensation.

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It means that when you sit on your end too long it goes dead.~

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I would say a job where you can’t advance anymore, be it with title, pay, etc.

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No room for growth, no more raises..just generally not going anywhere.

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sitting at a desk under moose ass.

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@charliecompany34 is that moose dead or alive?

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food service jobs

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@miasmom I could have lived the rest of my life without the mental picture you have put in my head. Thank you.

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medical jobs

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