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In the "Just for You" section of Fluther, what is the difference between "remove" and "not interested"?

Asked by essieness (7693points) April 1st, 2009

I get nervous about clicking one or the other and messing something up.

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i’ve been wondering the same thing

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Remove, takes it away without changing anything. Just removes it.
Not interested teaches Fluther what you don’t like and changes what you get in the future.

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Yes, but how does it affect what you get in the future if you say not interested?

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It remembers what you don’t like, and adds it to the pile of maybe s/he wouldn’t like a very similar question. The more you use Just For You and answer questions, the more it learns.

That’s how I understood it anyway.
Obviously, the specifics are far more complicated and nerdy than that.

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@daloon – Something to do with the keywords associated with the Q and with your profile, I imagine.

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I’d like to know exactly how it works, because I’m afraid to use it, lest it get rid of questions I want to see.

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I used “not interested” on a relgious question, and now I don’t get them anymore (yay!) I usually remove things, if I want to look at them later or don’t have anything to add.

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